Evos Film Wraps Post-Production on Ukrainian Director Christina Tynkevych’s Debut Feature HOW IS KATIA?

    HOW IS KATIA? Tells the story of a single mother, working hard as a paramedic to provide a better life and a home for her young daughter. A sudden turn of events makes Anna question her moral compass in a society where everyone has lost their own.

    “I have always been deeply moved by stories with strong moral questions at their core - stories that push their characters to make complicated compromising choices. These stories help me better understand myself,” notes director Tynkevych.

    The script was co-written by Christina Tynkevych and Serhiy Kastornykh. The main role is played by emerging actress Anastasia Karpenko. Anastasia has starred in numerous films, TV Series and short films in Ukraine.

    HOW IS KATIA? is produced by Olha Matat and Vlad Dudko through Ukrainian production company Evos Film, supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency for the production of the film. In 2021, How is Katia? won the proMOTION programme by the Ukrainian Institute, that aims to support the international promotion of Ukrainian films.

    Christina Tynkevych graduated from the University of Arts and the University of Westminster (London, UK). Her first short documentary ‘Kraina’ was long-listed for the Oscars in 2017, it was followed by ‘Solatium’ (feature short) and ‘Generation 91’ (feature documentary), which went on to screen at festivals both in Europe and America.

    HOW IS KATIA? participated in a number of markets and workshops including Midpoint Feature Launch, Thessaloniki Agora Co-Pro and WiP, EAVE, New Horizons Studio+ etc.

    HOW IS KATIA? will premiere in 2022.

    Production Information
    Evos Film (Ukraine)
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    Director: Christina Tynkevych
    Writer: Christina Tynkevych, Serhiy Kastornykh
    Producer: Olha Matat, Vlad Dudko
    DoP: Vladislav Voronin
    Production Designer: Vlad Dudko
    Sound Designer: Serhii Stepansky
    Editor: Alex Shamin, Oleksand Chorny
    Color: Vladislav Voronin

    Last modified on 26-11-2021