Why is Scandinavian cinema so successful in the world?


    Date: online 25. 1. 2022 - during the SCANDI festival in Slovakia and Czech republic 

    Time: 3:30pm – 6:00pm 

    Info:  The discussion will be divided into three parts, each part will last about 45 minutes and will be held in  English language. 

    Topic: Production, co-production, distribution, festival representation and education in the field of  Scandinavian cinema, reflected on BEST PRACTISE of the film Margrete, Queen of the North.  Defining, researching and discussing how it is possible that Scandinavian cinema has such a strong  reach, high standard and such a solid film ecosystem.  

    1. part – Production of Scandinavian films, their politics, meaning, effectiveness and CASE  STUDY of the film Margrete, Queen of the North and festival representation of Scandinavian movies 
      Panelists: Birgitte Skov, Lea Aevars, Ivan Hronec, Dominik Hronec 
      Time: 3:30pm – 4:15pm 
    1. part – Models of Scandinavian, Slovak and Czech cinemas – BEST PRACTISE of  Scandinavian cinema in the field of audiovisual education and festival representation
      Panelists: Petter Mattsson, Pavel Bednařík, Ivan Hronec, Dominik Hronec 
      Time: 4:20h – 5:05h 
    1. part – What is it that Scandinavian cinema, despite its quantitative and geographical  smallness, has an important place not only in the history but also in the present of world  cinema? How is it possible that they have such a well-established system approach at all  levels?  
      Panelists: Wendy Mitchell, Martin Kudláč, Ivan Hronec, Dominik Hronec 
      Time: 5:10pm – 5:55pm

    Wendy Mitchell – Nordic correspondent for Screen International and Nordic festival delegate for San  Sebastian International Film Festival 
    Lea Aevars - festival director RVK Feminist Film Festival, Iceland  
    Birgitte Skov – producer of the film MARGRETE, QUEEN OF THE NORTH  Petter Mattsson – International Department, Swedish Film Institute  
    Pavel Bednařík – director, Association for Film and Audiovisual Education in the Czech Republic  Martin Kudláč - Freelance Film Journalist, Cineuropa 
    Ivan Hronec – moderator, CEO, Film Europe  
    Dominik Hronec – moderator, Creative Director, Film Europe

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