CinExpress launches the first Electronic Cinema Magazine

    Cinema platform CinExpress, with the financial support of the Georgian National Film Center, publishes an electronic magazine, which will be available to a mass audience at the end of January free of charge.

    The orientation topic of the first issue of the magazine is the city (as a spatial phenomenon) and its connection with cinema.

    CinExpress (Cinematic Expression) represents a union of Georgian film professionals who sincerely believe that new blood and ideas need to be brought to Georgian cinema. However, for this, it is critically necessary to construct such physical or virtual spaces, where the discussion about cinema goes beyond superficial attempts to interpret it, the nature of preconceived, obsessive and pseudo-intellectual reasoning. Eventually, it will take a form where the goal will not even be criticism and endless arguing, but the research topics.

    The CinExpress team has the desire and therefore the ambition, taking into account historical practices and current realities, to generate an alternative source of knowledge and space for reflection, which will not merely contribute to the development of film criticism and popularization of Georgian cinema, but also stimulate different production processes and will support the birth of a real ‘new wave’ by strengthening the theoretical basis.

    The journal will include translations of theoretical texts by authors such as Béla Balázs, Laura Mulvey, Virginia Woolf, Thomas Elsaesser, Malte Hagener, and Oksana Bulgakova.

    In addition to the authors of Cinexpress, the invited authors, specialists in various fields worked on the essays, which brings various perspectives to the journal.

    Readers will be introduced to interviews specially prepared for this magazine with such influential filmmakers as Rudolf Thome and Sean Baker.