Vienna, Austria, April 4, 2022 The International Screen Institute (ISI), founded in 2020 as a non-profit organisation, recently opened applications for its new training program for European and International Film and TV creatives and executives.

    Thanks to the Creative Europe MEDIA funding, the institute is able to provide three courses this year, starting in June with Legal & Business Affairs, followed by The Audience Design Lab
    and Sustainability Management. “ISI brings together an exceptional team looking forward to not only provide courses on current topics but further connect participants across Europe with
    the international industry.” states ISI chairwoman Dinah Czezik-Müller. Course details are available on our website:

    “We are delighted to be initially offering two business focused training programmes which have been developed to build confidence and a broader understanding of the industry for the
    participants and will ensure they are better equipped for the future.” says Julia Short, Head of Studies, who has been at ISI since its conception and brings with her many years of designing
    and delivering training.


    The Legal & Business Affairs course will cover key areas of the legal knowledge needed in order to create confidence in the individual when negotiating and preparing contracts. Participants will understand sales, distribution and streamer deals and learn how to do deals with writers and directors and much more. Course Director Angelika Schouler, an international business affairs and legal counsel, very active in international filmcoproductions, is looking forward to leading this very first course:I am very much honoured to work with the International Screen Institute and thrilled to guide the participants for this first edition together with our great legal experts. Working in film & audiovisual production for more than twenty years, I know how  important knowledge of the legal basics in our business can be to close the deals and to also avoid major pitfalls. (Application deadline 25th April)

    The Audience Design Lab is next in ine. This 4-day Lab hybrid workshop aims to introduce the methodology of Audience Design to the next generation of talented filmmakers by giving them an overview of the independent film landscape, followed by a custom-tailored, creative workshop. “I'm so excited to be bringing this innovative course at the end of June with the International Screen Institute. It's a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers to work with leading Audience Designers on the very core of their film and finding its path to market and audiences. Furthermore, it's vital we open dialogue between the commercial players and creatives.”, says the Course Director Síle Culley, a freelance Audience Designer and Development consultant based in Dublin. (Application deadline 25th April)

    With sustainability as one of its 5 key values, ISI finalises this year’s course series emphasising on this topic. The unique Sustainability Management Course is to incentivise environmental
    and social sustainable management across businesses of all kinds in the Film & TV industry. All sectors of the audiovisual industry need to contribute towards reaching sustainable goals.

    For more information, please visit www.screeninstitute.eu

    Last modified on 06-04-2022