KKI Talks at ITFS and APD. SMART COLLABORATION – Embracing New Technical Tools in Animation. Live webinar

    Kids Kino Industry, Warsaw-based international co-production forum for filsm and series for young audience, together with ITFS – Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film and Animation Production Days, would like to invite animators and industry representatives to join our live webinar on 3rd of May, 4-5 PM, CEST: SMART COLLABORATION – Embracing New Technical Tools in Animation. The free registration for this session is open.

    SMART COLLABORATION – Embracing New Technical Tools in Animation

    In this second year of KKI Talks at the ITFS and APD, we want to take a deeper look at how new tools and technologies can be an enriching driving force in international co-sector and cross-sector collaboration and take a glimpse into the future of storytelling using such technologies. Our speakers Kim Adams and Julia Parfitt (Nexus Studios London / Los Angeles) and Phil Stewart (Head of Realtime, Blue Zoo, London) have been experimenting with tools such as Unity, Unreal and Blender and will share case studies to demonstrate the opportunities that these new tools can bring and how they can affect storytelling in animation. They will also discuss the pros and cons of integrating them into the production pipeline.

    Meet our panelists

    Kim Adams, Director of Real Time Production, Nexus Studios, USA, where she is leading studio initiatives in real-time animation production across original TV and film, branded content and immersive storytelling, and supporting the growth of Nexus Interactive Arts.

    She is the Co-Founder of Adventure Lab, a social VR platform that connects audiences with virtual, live hosted, interactive adventures.

    Before that, Kim led a team at Facebook in developing the AR “Storytime” app for Facebook’s Portal video device. Kim was the Head of Production and Executive Producer at Oculus Story Studio, shepherding the development of the Emmy Award-winning narrative VR project, ‘Wolves in the Walls’. Previous to that, Kim was at Google Spotlight Stories, and Pixar Animation Studios. Working between Walt Disney Studio, Pixar Canada, and Pixar, Kim produced 13 short films within the beloved ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars’ franchises. Previous to Pixar, Kim served as a visual effects producer on several films including ‘Apocalypto’, and worked on the Oscar-nominated visual effects for ‘Master and Commander’.

    Julia Parfitt, Executive Producer, Nexus Studios, USA/UK, where she produced some of the Nexus Studios’s most notable work, including the most awarded ad of the decade Honda ‘Grrrr’, recipient of the highly coveted, Cannes Film Grand Prix Award, as well as the Grammy-nominated music video for Franz Ferdinand ‘Take me Out’, no name but a few.

    Julia also held the post of Head of Production at Nexus, where she brought her versatile and proactive skillset for almost a decade and oversaw the diverse creative output of the entire studio, ranging from high-profile film work such as the Oscar-nominated ‘This Way Up’, the title sequence for ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, several award winning commercials for the likes of Chipotle and Coca Cola, and ground-breaking XR experiences for the global consumer tech leaders.

    Most recently, in the role of Executive Producer, Julia has established and nurtured long-standing relationships with further global brands such as Amazon Studios, Netflix, Headspace, Facebook, Google and Duolingo. She often works across platforms and is most interested in exploring how working at the cutting edge of technology can be enhanced with exceptional design and powerful storytelling, which has led her to spearheading a host of projects developed using Real-Time technology.

    In 2019, Julia was named ‘Pitch Superwoman’, a UK industry award that recognises trailblazing women and their contributions.

    Phil Stewart, Head of Real Time, Blue Zoo, UK, where he is researching, developing and testing new technology and workflows to help the studio achieve it’s ambition of working in the best ways for the benefit of the business and artists. From researching rendering tech and programming a VR-puppet in Unreal Engine, to doing push-ups to test a new Motion-Capture suit, the department strives to stay ahead of the game.

    This KKI Talks will be moderated by Prof. Lilian Klages, CEO & Executive Producer of the Danish based company Parka Pictures Aps and the German based company Dreamin’ Dolphin Film GmbH

    Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

    To join the webinar, sign up here: https://kidskinoindustry.pl/webinar-registration/