ScripTeast in Cannes!

    Each May, we gather in Cannes to celebrate the scriptwriters who have participated in ScripTeast over the past year and award the best of their scripts the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award at a ceremony by the sea. Fully polished through hard work with the help of our distinguished advisors, we present to you here 10 of the best projects and their authors from Eastern Europe, amongst which we hope you might find the next great internationally acclaimed discovery. All writers are in Cannes so there is a chance to meet.

    ScripTeast is to help scriptwriters navigate the industry, never give up, and make films for the burgeoning global audience. So far, 47 of these films have been made to box office and critical acclaim. 10 are in production. 263 authors from 15 countries have had the opportunity to enhance their skills and develop their talents working with 117 creative advisors. 
    We are very grateful to the diverse group of professionals who accept our invitation to be Creative Advisers each year, our Heads of Studies, Christian Routh, Gyula Gazdag and Tom Abrams and to all the institutions who have been supporting ScripTeast over the years.   

    Check 10 best scripts form Eastern Europe