Europa Distribution "Film Distribution Innovation Hub" Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 3 - 6 July 2022

    After a short pause due to the pandemic, Europa Distribution is finally back in Karlovy Vary (CZ) to organise its distribution workshop in the scope of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
    About 25 independent distributors, coming from all around Europe, will participate in the first edition of the “Film Distribution Innovation Hub” and take part in the KVIFF’s activities.

    As distributors need to stay flexible and curious about the latest technological and digital tools that can boost their acquisition and release strategies, ED is launching this very first Film Distribution Innovation Hub, a dedicated space where innovative tools with a clear potential application for film distribution will be presented by tech companies’ representatives.
    On Tuesday July 5 2022, a public showcase accessible to all accredited participants will present five different innovative digital tools, developed by ArtiniiCascade8 NFT Lab, Largo.ai, Usheru and Zoan.  All have in common to propose solutions aimed at film distributors and consisting in potential supports for the release and promotion of European and international films.
    This public showcase will be followed by a private session where the different tools presented will be discussed by the tech companies and the distributors only. This will give the possibility for distributors to understand how they could practically implement these tools in their daily work, and for the tech companies to receive direct feedback from potential users. This session will then be completed with the presentations of innovative projects put in place by independent film distributors members of Europa Distribution
    After the workshop in Karlovy Vary, Europa Distribution will continue to discuss independent publishing and distribution and the circulation of European independent films through its next events in Haugesund, San Sebastian, Rome and Amsterdam.  Articles on all our events are published on Europa Distribution’s socials and blog: http://www.europa-distribution.org/blog/