Projects Selected for Venice Gap-Financing Market 2022

    Projects Selected for Venice Gap-Financing Market 2022 credit: Venice IFF

    La Biennale di Venezia is pleased to announce the line-up of the 9th edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market (September 2 - September 4, 2022), organised as part of the Venice Production Bridge, which will take place within the framework of the 79th Venice International Film Festival (August 31st - September 10th, 2022).


    The 3-day Venice Gap-Financing Market will present 63 projects from around the world in the final stages of development and funding. More than 240 project applications have been received and the selection reflects the great diversity of backgrounds, stories and talents, aesthetics, genres and budgets of the projects submitted for consideration.

    The VPB Countries in Focus 2022 are Taiwan and France. This is reflected in specially invited projects from these countries.

    The selection is divided as follows:
    • 33 Fiction and Documentary feature film projects
    • 16 Immersive projects
    • 11 Biennale College - Cinema - Virtual Reality projects
    • 3 Biennale College - Cinema projects
    The Venice Gap-Financing Market will be setting up one-to-one meetings between the teams (producer and director) of the 63 projects and top industry decision-makers (Producers, Private and Public Financiers, Banks, Distributors, Sales Agents, TV Commissioners, Internet and Video-platforms, Institutions, Post-Production Companies…).
    All meetings will be held on-site at the VPB venues on the Lido di Venezia.
    - Fiction Films: 27 projects for feature-length fiction films (14 from Europe and 13 from around the world), that need to complete their funding package with minority shares in the co-production, having at least 70% of the funding in place.
    - Documentaries: 6 projects (3 from Europe and 3 from around the world) for narrative or creative documentaries (fulfilling the same requirements as the fiction films above).
    1. 5 SEASONS OF REVOLUTION documentary (Syria, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Qatar) by Lina, No Nation Films
    2. THE 67TH SUMMER fiction (France, Austria, Egypt) by Abu Bakr Shawky, Cinenovo
    3. ARCADIA fiction (Greece, Bulgaria) by Yorgos Zois, Foss Production, Homemade Films, Red Carpet
    4. BE WITH ME  fiction (Taiwan) by Hwarng Wern Ying, Sinomovie
    5. BLUE BANKS (MALUL VANAT) fiction (Romania, France, Slovenia) by Andreea Cristina Bortun, Atelier de Film, Films de Force Majeure, Perfo
    6. CHASING THE SUN fiction (China, Hong Kong) by Huang Ruosong, Event Horizon Culture Media, Chinese Shadows
    7. COLD (KULDI) fiction (Iceland, Belgium) by Erlingur Thoroddsen, Compass Films, Eyjafjallajokull Entertainment, Mirage Films
    8. AN ENDLESS SUNDAY (UNA STERMINATA DOMENICA) fiction (Italy, Germany) by Alain Parroni, Alcor Srl, Fandango SPA, Road Movies
    9. FANON fiction (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada) by Jean-Claude Barny, Special Touch Studios
    10. FATNA, A WOMAN NAMED RASHID (FATNA, UNE FEMME NOMMéE RACHID) documentary (Morocco, France) by Helene Harder, Abel Aflam, Wendigo Films
    11. FIRST NAMES (LOS NOMBRES PROPIOS) documentary (Argentina, France, Germany) by Fernando Dominguez, CSP Films, Les Valseurs, Black Forest Films
    12. FLOW fiction (France, Germany, Latvia) by Gints Zilbalodis, Sacrebleu Productions, Cine Litte Productions, Dream Well Studios
    13. FüR IRENA documentary (Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria) by Giedrė Žickytė, Moonmakers, Allfilm, Agitprop
    14. THE GOD WILL NOT HELP (BOG NECE POMOCI) fiction (Croatia, Italy) by Hana Jusic, Kinorama, Rosamont
    15. A GOLDEN LIFE (OR DE VIE) documentary (France, Benin, Burkina Faso) by Boubacar Sangaré, Le Films de la Caravane, Merveilles Production, Imedia
    16. HER SECOND CHANCE (LA SECONDA VITA) fiction (Italy) by Vito Palmieri, Articolture
    17. HOLD ME TIGHT (AGáRRAME FUERTE)  fiction (Uruguay) by Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge, Mutante Cine, Bocacha Films, Agustina Chiarino
    18. HOME (BAYIT) fiction (Israel, Ukraine) by Or Sinai, BARYO
    19. HORIZONTE fiction (Colombia, France, Chile) by César Augusto Acevedo García, Inercia Películas
    20. HOUSES (BATIM) fiction (Israel) by Veronica Nicole Tetebaum, Marker Films, Daizy Films
    21. I THE SONG fiction (Bhutan, France, Taiwan) by Dechen Roder, Dakinny Productions, Girelle Production, Fidalgo Films
    22. INDELEBILE fiction (Italia) by Laura Chiossone, Twister srl, Adler Entertainment, Showlab SRL
    23. THE MASTER OF THIS SILENCE fiction (France, Poland, Ukraine) by Jonathan Littell, Veilleur de Nuit
    24. THE MONSTERS  working title (LOS MONSTRUOS working title) documentary (Argentina, Germany) by Manuel Abramovich, Ruido
    25. THE MYSTERIOUS GAZE OF THE FLAMINGO (LA MISTERIOSA MIRADA DEL FLAMENCO) fiction (Chile, France, Mexico, Spain) by Diego Céspedes, Rampante Films, Quijote Films, Les Valseurs, Varios Lobos, Irusoin
    26. NOVIEMBRE fiction (Colombia, Mexico) by Tomás Corredor, Burning Sas
    27. SAM fiction (Philippines, Norway) by E del Mundo, Create Cinema Inc., DUOFilm
    28. THE SMELL OF FRESHLY CUT GRASS (EL AROMA DEL PASTO RECIéN CORTADO) fiction (Argentina, Germany, Uruguay) by Celina Murga, Tresmilmundos Cine, Mostra Cine, Weydemann Bros., Nadador Cine
    29. STRANGER EYES fiction (Singapore, France, Taiwan) by Yeo Siew Hua, Akanga Film Asia, Films de Force Majeure, Volos Film
    30. TALES OF TAIPEI fiction (Taiwan) by Pawo Choyning Dorji, Keat Aun Chong, KEFF, Rachid Hami, Norris Wong, Pei-Ju Hsieh, Joseph Hsu, Chen-Hao Yin , Liu Chuan-Hui, Tang Yi , MA Studios Ltd
    31. TITANIC OCEAN fiction (Greece, France, Spain, Romania, Germany, Japan) by Konstantina Kotzamani, Homemade Films
    32. WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN fiction (Taiwan), by SU I-Hsuan, Suz Creative Studio
    33. ZE fiction (France, Mongolia, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany) by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir, Aurora Films
    16 Immersive projects (11 from Europe and 5 from around the world), including fiction, documentary, animation film and other interactive installation based experiences. The projects include both original concept and adaptations. All projects have secured 30% of their budget and have this financing in place.
    1. 0 -  ALBEDO (Italy) by Iolanda Di Bonaventura and Saverio Trapasso, Artheria s.r.l.
    2. ALTERNATES (BERGANTIAN) (Japan,  France) by Jonathan Hagard, CinemaLeap Inc., Floréal Films
    3. AMAZING MONSTER! (France, Switzerland) by Raphael  Penasa, Allison Crank And Jonathan Droz , Wowl Production and Small Creative
    4. BLISS CLUB VR (JOUISSANCE CLUB VR) (France) by Camille Duvelleroy, Atlas V
    5. CROW CASTLE (KRAKSLOTT) (Sweden) by Ismaila Jallow, GötaFilm
    6. EYES OF SHAME  (GEDOS AKYS) (Lithuania, France,  Slovenia) by Tomas Tamosaitis, Emmanuel Rouglan and Skirmanta Jakaite, Insomniak, Joni Art, Institute for Transmedia Design
    7. father’s video tape (Taiwan) by Baboo Liao, SWSG
    8. GARGOYLE DOYLE (USA, Argentina) by Ethan Shaftel, EasyAction, Detona Cultura
    9. KANDAKA (Sudan, USA, Francia) by Ainslee Alem Robson, Ainslee Alem Robson and Kidus Hailesilassie
    10. KILLING PHILIP (Brazil) by Fabito Rychter and Amir Admoni, Delirium XR
    11. MIRROR (Taiwan) by Wu De-Chuen, Longwell
    12. NANA LOU (MAMIE LOU) (France, Luxembourg) by Isabelle Andreani, Small Creative
    13. SOULPAINT working title (HATSUMI) (UK, The Netherlands) by Niki Smit and Sarah Ticho, Monobanda, Impro Vive
    14. STEPHEN HAWKING’S BLACK HOLES (UK) by Elliot Graves, Atlantic Productions, Alchemy
    15. THE TOWERS OF FEBRUARY - VR (Germany) by Philipp Wenning, Studio Philipp Wenning, Expanding Focus GmbH
    16. WE SPEAK THEIR NAMES IN HUSHED TONES (Nigeria, South Africa) by Osakpolor Omoregie, Electric South
    11 projects, that have been developed during the workshop of Biennale College Cinema VR, 6th  edition, and that have reached different stages of development, pre-production and post-production.
    1. 1991  (Turkmenistan, USA, Canada) by Akmyrat Tuyliyev and Christina Elizabeth Borins, Sensorium
    2. DEUSA DAS AGUAS (France) by João Paulo Miranda Maria, Les Valseurs
    3. HUMART (Poland, UK) by Michał Stankiewicz, Liliana Grzybowska
    4. KEEPER (Ireland, Italy) by Jennifer Shortall, Nuwa Digital Media
    5. LOCKED UP (Italy) by Antonio Messina, Robin Studio
    6. MASSAD (Italy) by Alba Zari, Slingshot Films
    7. METEORA (Italy) by Jacopo Marco Zanessi, Kublai
    8. QUEER UTOPIA (Portugal, Brazil) by Lui Avallos, Mundivagante Studio
    9. SENSING MIRROR (Taiwan) by Peiying LIN, Chin Hsuan SUNG
    10. SOMEWHERE UNKNOWN IN INDOCHINA – HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THERE (Taiwan, Belgium, Cambodia, Vietnam, USA) by Asio Chihsiung LIU, Mimeo Films Ltd
    11. THE THREAD. STORIES ABOUT MOTHERHOOD (Italy, UK) by Elena Baucke, Ludovica Fales
    3 projects, that have been developed during the first workshop of Biennale College Cinema, 10th edition, and that have reached different stages of development and pre-production.
    1. DEUS CHERZAT (Italy) by Silvia Perra, Mommotty Film
    2. ONCE UPON A TIME YOU LOVED ME (Australia) by Melissa Anastasi, Unruly Hearts in Partnership with Media Stockade
    3. PROBLEMATIK (South Africa) by Sifiso Khanyile, Zinc Pictures
    The Book of Projects, detailing each project, will be published online around mid-July. Accredited professionals from the film industry will be entitled to request one-to-one meetings with the teams of the selected projects through the Venice Production Bridge website (veniceproductionbridge.org).  
    The VPB Office will support the teams and the registered professionals in organizing tailor-made meetings.
    Booking for the One-to-One Meetings will be possible from August 10, exclusively for Industry Gold or Trade accretiation holders, through the dedicated page on the website of the Venice Production Bridge.
    Registration to request Industry Gold and Trade accdreditation for the Venice Production Bridge and the Venice International Film Festival is open through the website of La Biennale di Venezia.
    We are looking forward to welcome you back to Venice in September.
    For any questions that you might have, please do not hesitate to contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.