Davit Pirtskhalava’s A Long Break (Toronto International Film Festival: TIFF, Discovery Section (World Premiere)

    Davit Pirtskhalava’s  A Long Break (Toronto International Film Festival: TIFF, Discovery Section (World Premiere) MILLIMETER FILM


    After 13 years, Tsitsi initiates a reunion of his former classmates with a seemingly harmless cause: they haven't seen each other since graduation and the reason for the gathering is to remember school and have a drink. However, Tsitsi has a secret motivation: he wants to punish his former classmate, Guga, who used to make life difficult for the entire class at school. Several male classmates gather at the school to drink and talk; as their time together progresses, Tsitsi gets drunk and tries to accomplish his goal.

    Biography of the director

    Writer and director David Pirtskhalava was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2011 he graduated from The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, with a Master’s Degree in Film and Television Dramaturgy. In 2016, he graduated from Temur Chkheidze’s Contemporary Theatrical Art Development Centre at the Royal District Theater, where he specialized in Theatre Dramaturgy. Davit is the author of several full-length and short film scripts. As a director, David has shot two short films: In 2015 his short film MAMA / FATHER won the Golden Pardino at the Locarno International Film Festival. In 2018, David shot a short fiction film SASHLELI / ERASER, which also premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival. In total, both films have been selected for over 50 film festivals and achieved some notable success.

    Director's Statement

    School serves as the first space for people to engage in social interaction. The school age is also the time when certain life episodes become long-lasting memories, which may unknowingly have a profound effect on one’s future life.

     I was born and raised in the suburbs of Tbilisi, where I also went to school, where bullying, abuse, beating and ridicule of people was almost the daily norm. I've thought a lot about my mistakes in regard to my classmates or schoolmates. On many occasions, I found myself to have been a victim, and many times - in the shoes of a bully. This was of course unintended, the environment offered us certain conditions to us as children, and we unconsciously accepted them, with all their ugly and ruthless manifestations.

    After a couple of years of thinking about school, I came up with this idea: What if former classmates were to meet each other after a long break, as if for a harmless reason, to remember their childhood and party; even if none of them have any good to remember. What if the victim were to invite the bully and orchestrate a process similar to a court trial ruled by the thirst for vengeance?

    The idea is that no matter how much you are hurt, ridiculed or embarrassed, the important thing in adult life is to view all of this from a spiritual perspective, to gain experience from it, and not to become caught up in your tough past, which can make you bitter. The emphasis on Christianity is not accidental, as it teaches forgiveness, repentance, and tolerance. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ, preached repentance before the appearance of Jesus, without him the reception of Christ would be implausible.

    I believe that the problem is relevant worldwide. I have no such ambition that people will change after watching this film. It is however possible, that some may start thinking and analyzing; remembering that we are all guilty of one another, as Dostoevsky says. The key is to acknowledge the wrongdoings with ourselves, not let them make us bitter and to live in the present, with faith for a better future and God.

    Production Info:
    Feature debut, Drama
     Year of Production: 2022 Colour, DCP
    Length: 110 min.
    Country of Production: Georgia
    Locations: Georgia Language: Georgian
    Festivals: Toronto International Film Festival: TIFF, Discovery Section (World Premiere)
    English Title: A Long Break
    Original title: Didi Shesveneba
    Director: Davit Pirtskhalava
    Georgia, 2022
    Production Company: MILLIMETER FILM
     Executive Producer: Tedo Dolidze, Davit Ujmajuridze
    Producer: Suliko Tsulukidze, Tiko Nadirashvili, Tedo Dolidze
    Screenplay: Davit Pirtskhalava
    Cinematographer: Shalva Sokurashvili
    Editor: Nodar Nozadze
    Production Designer: Berdia Arabuli, Guram Navrozashvili
    Sound: Nika Paniashvili
    Original Score: Nika Paniashvili
    Principal Cast: Shako Mirianashvili, Giorgi Sharvashidze, Sandro Kalandadze Cast: Mariam Pirtskhalava, Goga Shishinashvili, Goga Kobalia , Davit Chitaia , Giorgi Mazavrishvili, Gigi Rekhviashvili, Bidzina Nijaradze , Zviad Pirtskhalava International
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