The GNFC Announces the Winners of the Short Film Competition - CinExpress Productions

    The Georgian National Film Center announces the winning projects of the short film competition. A commission consisting of film professionals selected 8 projects and authors from 49 projects, among which were members of the editorial team of CinExpress - Levan Tskhovrebadze ("The Fisherman's Burden" - producer: "Cinexpress Productions" LLC, 20,391 EUR / 54 493 GEL) and Giorgi Javakhishvili ("Liberté" - producer: "Cinexpress Productions" LLC, 29,366 EUR / 78 479 GEL).

    CinExpress ("CinExpress" - Cinematic Expression) is a union of Georgian cinematographers who founded the online cinema platform cinexpress.ge in 2019, within the framework of which until now the reader has been offered analysis of the films of a number of important filmmakers, translations of theoretical works, analytical articles, essays, interviews and reviews of international film festivals. In January 2022, with the support of the GNFC, they published the first electronic cinema magazine, which is already available to a mass audience free of charge and consists of about 200 pages and includes essays by various authors, translations and interviews

    From today, CinExpress also officially becomes a production company (CinExpress Productions) and its creative team will start working on the first film projects next year.