dok.incubator calls for ambitious feature documentaries in rough cut stage

    dok.incubator calls for ambitious feature documentaries in rough cut stage credit: dok.incubator

    DEADLINE: January 26, 2023

    dok.incubator is looking for ambitious feature-length documentaries in the rough cut stage to participate in the eight-month 2023 program. Submit your film and work with world-class editing tutors, get personal feedback on your rough cut from key decision makers, and develop your unique marketing and distribution strategy! Deadline: January 26, 2023.

    The workshop invites editors, directors and producers to an eight-month long workshop, focused on filmmakers’ professional development with the guidance of world class tutors. The tutors are people from the industry, very experienced producers, marketers, and editors who themselves regularly present their films at top festivals. It is their practical experience that is crucial for the success of the workshop. And that is how the participants learn all the important parts of the process - by applying it directly to their films.

    Eight teams, composed of a producer, a director and an editor, will focus on the film’s unique perspective and sharpening the storytelling, placing it within the international context and finding concrete tools to effectively approach future audiences. Intensive work on editing, distribution and audience-building upgrades their rough-cut to a high-end film with the potential to meet worldwide interest.

    "The workshop participants go from working on the cut to thinking through the complex journey of the film, which they've never done before. They're not only looking at the story, but also at the audience, marketing, and distribution. They go so much further, and when the film is finished, it can successfully make its way through the system," adds Andrea Prenghyová, the workshop founder and director.

    And the system apparently works! Over the past 11 years the workshop has helped 12 films to get into Sundance competitions, more than 30 films were screened at IDFA and 5 were nominated for the European Film Award.

    What to expect?

    • intensive eight monthsof editing and project development of your project aiming for picture lock in early autumn 2023
    • more than thirty internationally active filmmakerstutoring you throughout the postproduction period
    • personal feedbackon your rough cut from key festival representatives, sales agents and other decision makers
    • preparing a tailor-mademarketing and distribution strategy to unfold your film to a wider audience

    How it works?

    Participants will attend three residential sessions at different project development stages (the exact dates and locations will be confirmed later):

    • 1st session: April 2023 // ROUGH CUT
    • 2nd session: June 2023 // FINE CUT
    • 3rd session: September/October 2023 // NEAR PICTURE LOCK

    Format of the workshops can change according to the actual COVID 19 situation.

    • editing tutors work with participants continuously to develop the storyline of the film and maximize the film’s international potential
    • production mentors advise the producers on the financing, team management and distribution
    • marketing experts help the teams to position the film on the market and build a sophisticated strategy to target the right audience
    • the nearly/finished films are presented to key decision-makers



    1. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! dok.incubator invites editors, directors and producers to an eight-month long rough-cut workshop focused on sharpening the final cut and building a tailor-made marketing and distribution strategy with the guidance of world class tutors. DEADLINE: January 26, 2023. https://dokincubator.net/
    1. APPLY for dok.incubator workshop 2023! More than 30 internationally experienced tutors will help you develop your rough cut to a high-end feature doc. DEADLINE: January 26, 2023.  https://dokincubator.net/
    1. Editors, directors and producers of feature-length docs in rough cut stage can NOW APPLY for dok.incubator workshop 2023! 8 months of intensive editing, distribution and marketing strategy planning ahead. DEADLINE: January 26, 2023.  https://dokincubator.net/
    1. APPLY for dok.incubator workshop! 8 months of intensive editing, distribution and marketing strategy planning! Editors, directors and producers invited. DEADLINE: January 26, 2023. https://dokincubator.net/
    1. Are you working on a documentary? APPLY for dok.incubator workshop 2023 and get feedback on your rough cut from world class producers, editors, distributors and key festival representatives. DEADLINE: January 26, 2023.  https://dokincubator.net/


    „dok.incubator has proven an invaluable resource for fresh talent and surprising, unconventional storytelling approaches. In our experience attending, we’ve observed a workshop model that‘s both rigorous and incredibly intimate. The hands-on approach from their tutors and mentors help cultivate some of the most exciting nonfiction stories out there.“

    • Harry Vaughn, Programmer of Sundance Film Festival, Head of Acquisitions and U.S. Sales, Cinéphil – Guest Expert 2017 – 2021

    „An amazing experience. A moment to share reflections about cinema, editing, storytelling and documentaries. The best place for real critiques with kind people from the documentary tribe!“

    • Alex Szalat, Director / Founder, Docs Up Fund – Tutor 2016 – 2021


    „The expectations were high and the workshop met all of them. The impact is great on all the levels: cut of the film, marketing strategies & networking. It was amazing!”

    • Anna Stylińska, Producer of the film ‘Lessons of Love’, World Premiere at IDFA 2019 – Participant 2019


    „The workshop changed my view of filmmaking dramatically and made me a better editor. It exceeded my expectations a big deal.“ 

    • Peter Kudlička, Editor of the film ‘On Your Marks!‘ – Participant 2019

    “Truly an enriching experience as a documentary maker. Filled with challenges and huge rewards. Undoubtedly it changed my view on the endless possibilities of the editing phase and film promotion.

    Honestly, I would love to do it again and again.”

    • Francesco Montagner, director of the film “Brotherhood”, winner of Locarno 2021 – Participant 2020

    „For me dok.incubator is a great workshop where I am pretty sure to find projects that will turn into great films.“

    • Maëlle Guénégues, Sales agent, CAT&Docs, tutor and guest expert 2015 – 2022

    „dok.incubator is a stamp of quality to a project, any project that has been taking part in the dok.incubator workshops for me will always be something that I would want to see, that I would like to follow.“

    • Mads Mikkelsen, CPH:DOX programmer

    „I think dok.incubator is a kind of space that is needed now more than ever.“

    • José Rodriguez, Tribeca Film Festival Programmer

    „For me the most important thing about being at dok.incubator workshop is the exchange and now, when we can see each other, we can talk and exchange some feelings and intuitions about our films and it is really important to receive this kind of support.“

    • Juan Carrano, editor, participant 2021