WEMW unveils the final line-up of all works in progress sections, EAVE Slate and Inspirational Labs

    WEMW unveils the final line-up of all works in progress sections, EAVE Slate and Inspirational Labs credit: WEMW

    Trieste, January 11th, 2023 – The 13th edition of When East Meets West kicks off in less than two weeks, on January 22, finally bringing back to Trieste over 450 film professionals from more than 50 different countries. 

    After revealing the Co-Production Forum project selection, WEMW is happy to unveil the complete line-up of the four sections targeting films in post-production stage: Last Stop Trieste, This is IT and First Cut+.

    Now in its ninth edition, Last Stop Trieste, the fine cut section run together with the Trieste Film Festival, will present 6 creative documentaries that were previously selected in one of the partner platforms: Ex Oriente Film, Docu Rough Cut Boutique, Balkan Discoveries, Baltic Sea Docs, ZagrebDox Pro. All films will be in the running for the HBO Europe Award, cash prize of 1,000 EUR.

    Have a look at the complete line-up HERE!

    For the sixth edition, When East Meets West and Trieste Film Festival will renew the partnership with Milano Film Network for the section exclusively dedicated to feature films produced or co-produced by Italian producers. The final line-up will also feature two titles coming from the WEMW 2023 spotlight territories, following the success of last year's experiment. This is IT will present in total 10 works in progress - 6 narrative fiction and 4 hybrid and experimental films - ready for festival premiere/international distribution, all of them competing for the Laser Film Award.

    Have a look at the 2023 line-up HERE!

    For the fourth consecutive year, WEMW is proud to host the international works in progress section First Cut+ and to introduce to all attending sales and festival programmers 8 promising titles from Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Serbia, which will compete for the TRT Award, a cash prize of 5,000 EUR, sponsored by the Turkish public broadcaster.

    Have a look at the final line-up HERE!

    Last but not least, WEMW is also happy to announce the 8 companies selected for the second edition of the EAVE Slate programme, and the 70 participants from 27 different countries, who will be part of the six Inspirational Labs run in collaboration with CEE Animation Workshop, ESoDoc, MIDPOINT Institute, Fantastic Film Forum, and with the support of ICAA and IDM Film Commission Südtirol. Have a look at the EAVE Slate selected companies HERE and check out all the professionals selected for the Inspirational Labs HERE!

    WEMW is moreover proud to highlight the massive presence of projects and professionals coming from the East & West 2023 countries in focus, thanks to the successful partnership with Georgian National Film Center, ICA-Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (Portugal), ICAA-Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute (Spain), ICAU-Directorate of Film and Audiovisual Arts (Uruguay), CNC National Film Center of Moldova, National Cinema Center of Armenia, Proimágenes Colombia, Projeto Paradiso (Brazil), Ukrainian Institute. 

    All documentaries and fiction feature films that will be presented at Last Stop Trieste, This is IT, First Cut+ and the companies participating in the EAVE Slate are: 

    Last Stop Trieste

    A DAY, 365 HOURS, directed by Eylem Kaftan, produced by ZKF | Turkey and CAF | Turkey

    A PICTURE TO REMEMBER, directed by Olga Chernykh, produced by Real Pictures | Ukraine, Lufilms | France and Tama Filmprodurtion | Germany      

    REQUIEM TO THE HOT DAYS OF SUMMER, directed by Giorgi Parkosadze, produced by Attic Production | Georgia and Filmografik Productions | Greece      

    SMILING GEORGIA, directed by Luka Beradze, produced by 1991 Productions | Georgia, Color of May | Germany and Enekeny Films | Georgia

    SNAJKA: DIARY OF EXPECTATIONS, directed by Tea Vidovic Dalipi, produced by RESTART | Croatia, STEfilm | Italy and Möbius | Kosovo

    THE LAND YOU BELONG, directed by Elena Rebeca Carini, produced by Small Boss | Italy and Luna Film | Romania

    This Is IT

    AMOR, directed by Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, produced by Stefilm | Italy and Era film | Lithuania            

    ANNA, directed by Marco Amenta, produced by Eurofilm | Italy and Mact Productions | France            

    FIUME O MORTE!, directed by Igor Bezinović, produced by Restart | Croatia, Videomante | Italy and Nosorogi | Slovenia      

    MALEVYCH, directed by Daria Onyshchenko, produced by LLC 435 Films | Ukraine

    REDEMPTION, directed by Sonja Prosenc, produced by Monoo | Slovenia, Incipit film | Italy, Wolfgang & Dolly | Croatia, Living Pictures | Serbia and Norway

    ROLE MODEL, directed by Nejc Gazvoda, produced by PERFO d.o.o. | Slovenia, La Sarraz Pictures | Italy, Film Kolektiv | Czech Republic and Biberche Productions | Serbia

    SNAKE OIL SONG, directed by Micah Van Hove, produced by Playlab Films | Spain, Tall Pines Pictures | Canada, United States and Colombia

    SNOT&SPLASH AND THE MYSTERY OF DISAPPEARING HOLES, directed by Teemu Nikki, produced by It's Alive Films | Finland, Iwonder | Italy and OrkaFilm | Poland      

    THE ZOLA EXPERIENCE, directed by Gianluca Matarrese, produced by Stemal Entertainment | Italy and Bellota Films | France

    WANDERING SOULS, directed by Maria Giménez Cavallo, produced by anima films | United States, Italy  

    First Cut+

    78 DAYS, directed by Emilija Gašić, produced by Set Sail Films | Serbia

    AINDA ASSIM, directed by Lillah Halla, produced by Arissas & Manjericão Filmes | Brazil

    ERTO, directed by Alessandro Negrini, produced by Incipit Film | Italy and Casablanca Films | Slovenia

    EXPLANATION FOR EVERYTHING, directed by Gabor Reisz, produced by Proton Cinema | Hungary

    IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY, directed by Perica Rajčič, produced by Vertigo Ljubljana | Slovenia

    MY MAGICAL WORLD, directed by Elvin Adigozel, produced by Cinex Productions and Ultra Productions | Azerbaijan

    SEA SPARKLE, directed by Domien Huyghe, produced by A Private View | Belgium

    WHAT'S TO BE DONE, directed by Goran Dević, produced by 15th Art Production | Croatia

    EAVE Slate

    Amerika Film, producer Maxi Haslberger | Germany

    Antitalent, producer Katarina Prpić | Croatia

    Greenlit Productions Oy, producer Merja Ritola | Finland

    Marni Films, producer Mina Dreki | Greece

    Nefertiti Film, producer Nadia Trevisan | Italy

    Non-Aligned Films, producer Dragana Jovović | Serbia

    Serce, producer Kuba Kosma | Poland

    Uma Pedra No Sapato, Producer: Filipa Reis | Portugal