Film Commissioner Johann Grech Visits the Set of "Compulsion," a Highly Anticipated Feature Film Shot in Malta

    Film Commissioner Johann Grech on the set of Compulsion Film Commissioner Johann Grech on the set of Compulsion credit: Malta Film Commission

    Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech visits the set of "Compulsion," a British feature film currently being shot in various locations around Malta. This prestigious production is being made possible with the assistance of the Malta Film Commission through the 40% Cash Rebate currently available as per the document on the Malta Film Commission's website.

    Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech expressed his excitement and support for the project, stating, "We are proud to support 'Compulsion,' a film that not only showcases the stunning beauty of Malta but also creates substantial economic benefits for the country. This collaboration highlights the importance of nurturing local talent and further establishes Malta as a prime location for international film production."

    "Compulsion" is creating numerous job opportunities for the local film industry, as the total crew working on the production consists of 103 members, of which 88 are local talents and 15 are foreign crew members. This production will generate over €2.3 million into the economy. The principal photography is taking place between April 11, 2023, and May 13, 2023, with 100% of the shooting happening in Malta. Post-production is also primarily Malta-based, with only 0.5% taking place abroad.

    Polish actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka, shared her positive impressions of working in Malta, remarking, "The experience of shooting here has been truly enjoyable, thanks to the wonderful crew, the warm and welcoming people, and the pleasant weather conditions."

    British actress Charlotte Kirk, starring in this film and being touted to be the next Bond girl, praised the distinctive and varied locations in Malta, saying, "Not only do the locations offer a unique charm and rich history, but the genuine warmth and hospitality of the people here have truly made this experience unforgettable.”

    Finally, British Director Neil Marshall shared his enthusiasm about the experience of filming in Malta for the first time. He remarked, ”The entire process of shooting in Malta has been truly enjoyable. It's been quite some time since I've had such a positive experience working in a new country. The key to any great production is the people you collaborate with, and here I've met some incredible talents - individuals I'm eager to work with again in the future. Moreover, Malta's film infrastructure is robust and dependable, managed by professionals who truly understand the industry."

    For more information about the Malta Film Commission and the incentives it offers, please visit the screenmalta.com