Galea Brothers Movie Breaks Cultural Ground

    Brothers from Malta by Julian Galea Brothers from Malta by Julian Galea credit: GALEAPICTURES

    What started as an experimental YouTube video in 2014 has developed into the first Maltese immigrant movie to ever hit the screen.

    Maltese-Australian film director Julian Galea has teamed up with his brother, actor and producer James Galea, for this hilarious Maltese-Australian co-production. Following a theatrical release in Malta, Australia and Canada, the road trip comedy is now available digitally around the world on Galea Pictures TV.

    This is the third Maltese-themed film written, directed and produced by Galea following Love to Paradise (2017) and Made In Malta (2019) which were shot entirely on location in his motherland.

    “The Maltese people have been unrepresented for too long. I feel a duty, obligation and responsibility as a storyteller to make these films and give us a voice,” said Galea.

    Brothers From Malta tells the story of estranged immigrant brothers Joe and Charlie (Julian and James Galea), who must set aside their 7-year grudge and road trip across California with a flatulent canine and precious family heirloom to rescue their ailing sister. Through its fractured family dynamics and comedic relief, it explores a universal problem: families being torn apart.

    “If the last few years of global uncertainty have taught us anything, it’s how important family is. Family connections that are so special and sacred. Family connections that we all need to fight for and hold onto,” said Galea.

    Galea admits that it all started as an experiment.

    “A complete experiment. We improvised some scenes on my iPhone driving back to Sydney one day. I cut it together and put it on YouTube and it went nuts. So we made more. They kept wanting more. We knew we were onto something and had to make a movie with these characters. Eight years later, we finally did,” said Galea.

    They didn't let the gatekeepers hold them back even after they were unsuccessful with both federal and state funding.

    “We were going to make this movie no matter what so we put up our own money, got creative and wore a lot of hats to make it happen. We were then offered office space on a studio lot in Los Angeles which we definitely made the most of during pre-production,” said Galea.

    Galea produced the film through his award-winning studio Galea Pictures which is also distributing the title.

    “There is an audience for this film and they are getting behind it. The Maltese community around the globe want to see themselves and their culture represented. And with a universal theme of family, we found the film crossing cultures as well.” said Galea.



    Last modified on 16-05-2023