Apply for the 20th Arthouse Cinema Training in Berlin, Germany

    Are you a film professional interested in gaining a 360° perspective of running an arthouse cinema? Would you like to trade secrets with some of the industry’s most prolific experts in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cinema capitals?

    The 20th edition of the CICAE’s annual Arthouse Cinema Training is a one-week intensive programme bringing together arthouse exhibition professionals from around to world to gain in-depth insight into the management of a movie theatre. Taking place from 30 October to 5 November 2023 in the heart of Berlin, Germany, the training offers participants a chance to get together, form connections, and learn from some of the industry’s leading experts. The world’s only programme of its kind, the ACT provides a unique opportunity to meet and exchange best practices with colleagues from around the globe and become a successful part of the international arthouse community.

    The training offers:
    • In-depth workshops and lectures on innovative arthouse programming, audience development and marketing, data analysis, businessplanning, budgets and fundraising, current technological developments in cinema exhibition, sustainability, as well as diversity,equity and inclusion.
    • Lectures, masterclasses, and get-togethers with filmmakers, festival organisers, funding representatives, advocacy leaders and political decision-makers
    • Networking opportunities with cinema professionals from across the world
    • The chance to work on up-to-date case studies and develop individual projects under the guidance of experienced tutors
    • The chance to explore Berlin’s vibrant cultural scene with a likeminded international group
    • A digital training kit
    • Access to the CICAE’s global alum network

    Participants work in small groups and are accompanied by a tutor throughout the week. See also last year’s programme.

    The ACT offers a final evaluation and a certificate of completion. It has itself received the official Qualiopi certification in France.

    The Training’s main language of instruction is English.

    Enrollment fee: 1,785 Euro (incl. VAT)

    The participation fee includes:

    • The sessions in Berlin
    • Training material
    • Hotel accommodation close to the seminar venue at Holzmarkt Berlin for the duration of the training
    • Breakfast and Lunches

    Please note that Travel costs are not included in the fee.


    The CICAE values diversity and encourages applications from all individuals regardless of cultural background, race, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability. The training venue as well as the accommodation are wheelchair accessible. The CICAE is commited to facilitating participation of applicants with special needs.

    Contact us

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    Tel.: +49 30 439 7101 50

    Our funders

    The Arthouse Cinema Training 2023 is generously supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, The Senate Chancellery of Berlin, the FFA – Filmförderungsanstalt, the CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, and MIC - Direzione Generale del Cinema e Audiovisivo.

    CICAE Training Impact Research

    To evaluate the impact of the first 18 editions of the training on its participants and the arthouse cinema sector, the CICAE launched a survey within its alum network.

    CICAE Training Impact Research

    The venue: Holzmarkt 25

    The Arthouse Cinema Training

    The CICAE Arthouse Cinema Training  (ACT) is the evolution of the until 2021 called “Art Cinema = Action + Management” programme, an international residential training programme for arthouse exhibitors and film professionals, who used to take place in Venice. 

    When applying for ACT, exhibitors and film professionals can benefit from a one-week intensive residential training. Participants will take part in the workshop “Re-Start your cinema” and a programme that will cover the essential topics related to arthouse exhibition.

    The training programme will have in its component a residential training, workshops and group tutoring sessions.

    Objective of the training

    • Supporting arthouse exhibitors in their core challenges, offering knowledge about day-to-day operations and best practices, and the film professionals in better understanding the arthouse exhibition sector.
    • Communicating to the new generation of art house managers the specific knowledge (methods, tools, ideas and contacts) they need for programming, event organisation and management of an arthouse cinema.
    • Added focus on the evolution of the market.
    • Offering exhibitors a space where they can reflect on their practices, share their experiences and discover new opportunities in their industry.
    • Providing insight into the know-how and the challenges of the sector.
    • Benefit from the skills of around a hundred top-notch cinema professionals and trainers.
    • Creating a network of contacts and exchange experiences with other peers.
    • Developping short and long-term projects.

    Participants and selection criteria

    The CICAE Arthouse Cinema Training programme is suitable for:

    • Young exhibitors, programmers and cabin operators of independent cinema theatres
    • Exhibitors planning to change their cinema into an independent cinema
    • Exhibitors planning to (re)open an independent cinema theatre
    • Institutional and other film professionals wanting to understand and develop their skills in the independent exhibition industry.

    Assessment Methods & Certificate


    The programme is structured taking into account that a combination of different learning styles can offer the best learning experience. It aims to combine through the week acquiring (lectures and presentations), inquiring (participants looking up information for their projects), producing (groups of participants produce a 5-year restart plan of a cinema), discussing (workshop activities during the sessions), practicing (putting together programmes for special events and screenings series) and collaborating (working together in groups to establish their 5-year cinema plans) as learning styles.

    The participants of the training programme are asked to work in groups of 5-6 people on a very articulate excercise which is part of the week workshop "(Re)Start you cinema". They have to implement everything learnt throughout the week and pitch it on the last day to a professional jury – as if applying for funding for the opening of a cinema. To prepare the task, each group is accompanied by a tutor (former participant and cinema professional) throughout the whole week and advised by 3 workshop leaders/mentors.

    To assess what the participants have learned throughout the week, the workshop leaders, formed by long-time experienced film professionals, evaluate the projects at the end of the week after the pitching, analysing that the participants have followed the guidelines given at the beginning of the week, and that the budget plan presented is consistent and realistic.


    Participants who attend at least 80% of the lectures and panels, and take part actively in the (Re)Start your cinema workshop get a certificate of attendance to the training programme.

    In all the edition of the training, the success rate is of 100%.


    Participants are encouraged to apply for financial support with their national or regional funding bodies. Please ask the MEDIA Desk in your country if there are any funding opportunities available. Kindly inform us if you apply to a national or regional fund.

    What they say about the training

    “ CICAE training is a beautiful opportunity to evolve. It starts as a training program and ends up as an inspirational amount of information and networking opportunities that can make a difference when you leave Venice. ”

    Bruno Castro, Alvalade Cineclube, Portugal (trainee 2021)

    “ The CICAE Training is an excellent opportunity to improve and rethink diverse aspects of your arthouse cinema or film club. The project team members are all experienced in the industry, and willingly share their knowledge: every interaction is a benefit - to improve your work, to share ideas and to grow your network. The training's base in Venice is a bonus, offering the chance to enjoy the best of international cinema in a historic and picturesque location. ”

    Aderinsola Ajao, Screen Out Loud, Nigeria (trainee 2020)

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