Slovak classics traveling around the Europe

    Dragon's Return by Eduard Grečner Dragon's Return by Eduard Grečner source: Slovak Film Institute

    We are excited to share that Slovak classic films will take center stage at two significant festivals in the coming days.

    The 50th Film Fest Ghent (10 – 21 October 2023) will celebrate centenary of Viktor Kubal, the father of Slovak animated film. An American composer of electroacoustic music Claire Rousay provides Kubal's The Bloody Lady with an all-new live soundtrack. The evening kicks off with Kubal's short films The Idol (1989) and Cinema (1977), each with a new soundtrack provided by the Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble (GAME).

    The film adaptation of Slovak novella of the same name, Dragon's Return (1967), directed by Eduard Grečner, will be screened at one of the most renowned international classic film festivals, Lumière in Lyon (14 – 22 October 2023). The film will be presented alongside other works from the whole world in the Treasures and Curiosities section.

    The Bloody Lady

    | Film Fest Ghent – VIDEODROOM section |

    Director: Viktor Kubal
    CS | 1980 | 70 min. | animation

    Young and beautiful countess loves life. Both noble suitors and forest animals compete in showing their true affection to her. One day as a storm breaks out in the forest she gets lost. Exhausted to the point of death she enters a chalet of a young handsome man. He cures her. She gives him her heart. The heartless countess begins to detest the whole world. Her hate and obsession with eternal youth costs many young virgins’ lives. A film inspired by a historical legend of Erszebet Bathory, a bloody lady from Čachtice.

    Trailer of The Bloody Lady

    Dragon's Return

    | Lumière Classics – Treasures & Curiosities section |

    Director: Eduard Grečner
    CS | 1967 | 85 min. | fiction

    A ballad of love, hatred and desire to escape from loneliness. A dramatic story of a reclusive potter, Martin Lepiš, who is blamed by the village people for acts he never committed. After some years he returns but never finds his place among the villagers neither gains their trust, not even after he saves their properties from fire.

    Contact: Rastislav Steranka, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.sfu.sk 

    17 October / 16:45 / Cinéma Opéra
    19 October / 09:30 / Lumière Institute (Villa)