Audiovisual Women: Meet the participants of the second edition

    Audiovisual Women: Meet the participants of the second edition credit: EPI/Vivienne Hettig

    We are happy to announce the participants of this year’s edition of AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN! AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN is a leadership program for female professionals in mid- to senior-level management positions. It sets out to enhance the participants’ skillset to enable and empower them to master current industry challenges, develop innovative business models, and embrace the opportunities of digitization.

    In our second edition, 15 women from 12 different countries across Europe will take part in a workshop program lasting about five months in Berlin and Munich.

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    Meet the participants of the second edition 
    " data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?q=https://nl.epi.media/go/9/5KNMI0Y2-5KNL8VEE-5KNBM0DJ-UBKOL3.html&source=gmail&ust=1697829274411000&usg=AOvVaw1baDpZ6igKsw8fKKz1bVyX">Meet our participants!

    Kick-off: European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA

    First lectures for the new cohort

    We welcome the second cohort of the executive master's degree program European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA to their first semester.

    With the beginning of the newly started winter semester, the students came together remotely for their first module.

    Already in a few weeks, they will meet in Potsdam for the first time, as part of one of two scheduled on-site modules, to get to know their fellow students and faculty in person.

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    European Co-Production - Legal and Financial Aspects

    November 23-25 | Berlin | 690,- EUR

    Co-productions between different countries are a staple in the European film industry. But how does co-producing work? Our workshop, European Co-Production – Legal and Financial Aspects, offers a comprehensive overview of the legal and financial elements of co-productions. Inside reports, hands-on tips, and interactive learning will support participating professionals in handling the changing complexities of European co-productions successfully.

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    EPI eTrainings

    Learn on the go, learn from the best:
    Anytime | Anywhere | On any device!

    Update your knowledge in your preferred environment with high-quality course material, including detailed information, practical tips, and business insights - time flexible and at your own pace. 

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    Sustainable Business Strategies: Mastering Transformation and Change

    October 5-7, 2023 | Berlin

    Seizing opportunities and staying on top of your game - how do you achieve this in a volatile and ever-changing business landscape?

    Strategic Creative Economy Expert Juliane Schulze, producer Peter De Maegd from Potemkino, and Lilli Berger, founder of innovative bereavement support VYVYT, shared their insights with our participants in Berlin from October 5-7, 2023.

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    Contracting Essentials 

    October 11-12, 2023 | Copenhagen

    Contracts and agreements are crucial to all audiovisual production. Last week the EPI went to Copenhagen for a two-day intensive workshop, designed in collaboration with the National Danish Film School. We offered the 25 participants a deep dive into the essentials of agreements relevant to any audiovisual production, from development and clearing rights for film or series, through financing and production to sales and distribution.

    More about the workshop

    European Women's Audiovisual Network: Gender Pay Gap Survey 2023

    The European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA) is conducting a new study on gender pay gap experiences in the European screen industries. The results will be presented at the Gender Pay Gap event in Stockholm in November.

    Completing the survey only takes a few minutes. Responses from individuals of all genders, including employees, freelancers, and people on short-term contracts, who work in any role related to film, TV, streaming, or video games are welcome.

    EWA supports our career enhancement programs AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN and SERIES' WOMEN.

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