Serbian Production House Firefly Opened Its Film Studio in the Vicinity of Belgrade


    BELGRADE: Earlier this autumn, the leading regional and multiple award-winning production company Firefly, based in Belgrade and which operates as a part of the WMG company, has officially opened a complex of state-of-the-art film studios "Firefly Studios". It is the most modern studio complex in the region of 12,500 m2, with 3 studios, a swimming pool for underwater filming and accompanying rooms. The opening of Firefly Studio represents a step forward on the international stage, not only for the company WMG and Firefly, but also for the entire film industry in Serbia and the region.

    Igor Žeželj, the founder andthe  president of the management of the company WMG, in which Firefly operates, proudly pointed out that the opening of the Firefly studio enabled the highest production standards in the country and the region.

    "With this, we have confirmed our commitment to agile innovation and following global trends in every part of the business we deal with, and we believe that now the company has additionally established leadership positions in the region in all segments in which we operate. We hope that in addition to the positive impact on our business, "Firefly studios have multiple significance for our country as well, because in addition to opening up space for attracting new investments and additional development of film workers, it will contribute to Serbia leading the entire region in the direction of establishing an indispensable destination for the world film industry," said Žeželj and thanked everyone who participated and helped in the realization of this project.

    Ana Brnabić, the President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, pointed out that the Government of the RS understands that the creative and film industries are extremely important for a country.

    "Compared to 2010, the budget for audio-visual creation has increased 130 times. I believe that this is just the beginning, and what we have been lacking in addition is the infrastructure. Water Tank, credit: FireflyExactly what we got - Firefly studios is that infrastructure. There is always a synergy between what the state recognizes and does, and what the private sector does and what investments in the economy are. Tonight is an important day for that synergy and I thank everyone who is behind this ambitious project, because you helped us as a country to bring even more productions, investors and to promote Serbia in an even better way", said the President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić at the opening ceremony.

    Ivana Miković, the co-founder and director of Firefly Productions, stressed out how the idea of ​​studios came about. She recalled the period when Miljen Kreka Kljaković talked to her about his work abroad and said: "If we had real Hollywood studios here, serious foreigners would come as well." And I would finally sleep in my own bed."

    In 2018, the company was founded, a year later Wireless Media joined, and the action started very quickly. In the same year, Telekom began serious work on content. She concluded the speech by stating that she is living her American dream, and Kreka can now sleep in her own bed.

    "Time will show the importance of what we did", also said Ivana Miković.

    FIREFLY STUDIOS is a complex of premium film and TV studios with complete supporting services, the only one of its kind in the region. It consists of 3 studios: two of 2000 m2 and 15m high, and one of 760 m2 and 12m high. It is unique in the region in terms of accompanying facilities, which include: a swimming pool for underwater filming measuring 10m x 15m and 3.5m deep, a space for building decor on 4 hectares and 4,500 m2 of auxiliary rooms, necessary for the film industry. The complex is located in Pančevo, half an hour drive from the very center of the Serbian capital.