Film Fakir presents the trailer, awating premieres in Europe and LATAM

    Fakir by Roman Ďuriš Fakir by Roman Ďuriš credit: Lonely Production

    Breaking toxic generational cycles and trauma is a highly relevant topic, especially among young people. Especially for a 23-year-old Dalibor, who after being released from prison, finds out that his violent father has a chance to get custody of his younger brother. He therefore decides to help his mother with the custody battle, but even here, old disputes and traumas gradually resurface. Dalibor decides to process this pain in a truly original way - as a fakir in a traveling circus. However, lying on a bed of nails or spitting gasoline on burning torches provides only a short-term escape. Will Dalibor eventually manage to emancipate and find his place in life?

    TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=062hVyUCN6I

    Film Fakir is the directorial debut of Roman Ďuriš, whose graduation film Something is Happening was presented at the A-list film festival in Cairo in the Cinema of Tomorrow competition section. The cinematographer is Michaela Hošková. The film is a Slovak-Czech-Polish co-production and took five year to complete. "A few months after we started working on the film, the pandemic started and everything, including the circus, closed down. And then our protagonist went to prison," recalls producer Simona Bago Móciková.

    However, the creators decided to continue and developed the content and formal form of the film during the protagonist's absence. They even attended prestigious workshops such as Ex Oriente Film, IDFA Project Space or the international doc.incubator, where they consulted on the film with several film professionals, including Per K. Kirkegaard, winner of the EMMY award.

    "It was very instructive and beneficial to observe their way of thinking," the director notes and continues: "I met Dalibor at the beginning of the pandemic, when we visited a small traveling circus with cinematographer Michaela Hošková. What really impressed me about him was his demeanor, a mixture of kindness and childlike naivety contrasted with pretend boyish roughness. It's amazing that despite all the traumas he didn't get bitter, but found his own specific way to cope with the pain."

    The visually striking film will be presented in the world premiere at the largest festival of documentary films in Germany - DOK.fest Munich on May 3. On May 11, audience of the largest Polish documentary film festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity can look forward to the film. In early June, the film will be screened at festival Al Este in Peru, Lima, spectators in Slovakia will see the film in cinemas this autumn and Czech audience in spring 2025.

    The producer of the film is Bright Sight Pictures, the co-producers are Lonely Production, Lumisenta Foundation and Radio and Television of Slovakia. The creation of the film was financially supported by the Audiovisual Fund, Visegrad Fund and Czech Film Fund.