Europe Day - Celebrating Our Stories! – organised by Creative Europe MEDIA Desks in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia in partnership with Kino Edison in Karlovac and Europe Direct Karlovac!

    Every year, on 9 May we celebrate Europe Day - the anniversary of the historic Schuman Declaration in 1950, but also the first official step in the creation of the European Union. Numerous events are being held on that day throughout Europe focusing on content that shows the diversity in the Old Continent and promotes European values.

    For the last 30 years, the Creative Europe MEDIA has supported the European film and audiovisual industries, helping the professionals to make their stories come to live and be widely shared in Europe and beyond. 2021 marked not only MEDIA’s 30th anniversary but also the beginning of the new Creative Europe programme for the 2021-2027 period. 

    Organised by the Creative Europe MEDIA desks in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, the event Europe Day – Celebrating Our Stories! aims to highlight four successful films supported by Creative Europe MEDIA. With the Creative Europe MEDIA support, that encourages co-productions, films from countries with small cinematographies can achieve that much visibility and competitiveness, as well as to cross-border.

    On 9 May at 20:00 CET, three Creative Europe MEDIA supported films will be made available online for free, for a period of 72 hours, for film lovers in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. All the films were produced by the three participating countries and have won awards at international film festivals. Successful at home and abroad, they show us that great art can be created through collaboration by sharing ideas, skills and means.

    Additionally, on 9 May at 19:00 CET, the Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Croatia together with the Kino Edison in Karlovac will organise a physical screening of the film Vasil written and directed by Avelina Prat and produced by Miriam Porte (Distinto Films) / Spain)
    and co-produced by Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakovaat (Activist 38 / Bulgaria) at the Kino Edison in Karlovac, Croatia in partnership with Europe Direct Karlovac.

    Vasil (Spain, Bulgaria, 2022), feature film, 92’


    Vasil is a street-homeless Bulgarian immigrant in a well-heeled Spanish town. Intelligent and charismatic, through his talent for chess and bridge he makes a name for himself at an exclusive and prestigious club in the city, despite being homeless. Taciturn retiree Alfredo offers his sofa to the young Bulgarian and a classic odd-couple friendship develops, though they seem to share little in common beyond their passion for chess. Vasil slowly breaks down the barriers put up by Alfredo, because Vasil has a gift: he makes a difference to the lives of people he connects with.

    Films – online screenings:

    Written and directed by Maria Averina, produced by Martichka Bozilova (Agitprop / Bulgaria) and co-produced by Erica Barbiani (Videomante / Italy).


    A young apprentice leaves a comfortable life in Bulgaria to follow in the footsteps of the great Stradivari at Italy's famous Cremona violin making school. So begins a journey to overcome the language barrier, homesickness, and the inequities of the violin making industry. This warm film gives a charming insight into the world of people grappling with tradition and competition to turn their musical passion into a profession.

    Link: From Cremona to Cremona

    Password: MEDIA2024

    Written & directed by Sonja Tarokić, produced by Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama / Croatia) and co-produced by Janja Kralja (KinoElektron / France).


    Anamarija starts a new job as a counsellor in a school, which is a place full of petty conflicts and cliques. Initially she tries to stay out of the power games played by the headmistress, teachers and parents and just do her job with the children. But as she gets to know the system better Anamarija understands that in order to survive she has to sacrifice her integrity and play own game in the staffroom.

    Link: The Staffroom

    Password: MEDIA2024

    Written and directed by Haidy Kancler, produced by Boštjan Virc (Studio Virc / Slovenia) and co-produced by Sabine Gruber and Peter Drössler Film Flair / Austria and  Ari Matikainen Kinocompany / Finland.


    In Bamyan, Afghanistan, three local girls trained by Ana, an instructor from Slovenia, dream of becoming professional skiers and compete at the Olympics. But when they arrive in Europe for intensive training, they face an unbridgeable cultural gap and the relentless reality of Europe’s professional sport.

    Link: Melting Dreams

    Password: MEDIA2024


    The organisers: Creative Europe MEDIA Desks in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia invite you to make your Europe Day special by discovering cinema treasures from Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia!

    Join us in this film adventure and let’s celebrate our stories together!