Due to its FIRST PRIZE WIN at the Beverly Hills HD Film Festival, Klaudia Kovács' documentary Torn from the Flag will have a second, special "Best of the Fest" screening in Beverly Hills.

    The story: In 1956, Hungary, a nation of 10 million, defeats the communist terror of the Soviet Union, a nation of 200 million, for 13 days. This event eventually leads to the worldwide decline of communism and culminates in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Torn from the Flag was legendary Hollywood cinematographer László Kovács' last film -- and his first foray into shooting in HD.

    The screening will be at

    The Fine Arts Theatre

    8556 Wilshire Blvd.

    Beverly Hills, CA 90211



    4:00 pm*

    Ticket price per program: $10.00*


    Your ticket is for two films. Torn from the Flag (96 minutes) shares its screening slot with a short film (Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn, 38 minutes). The short film screens first, at 4pm, then Torn from the Flag, at about 4:38.

    Tickets can be purchased at the theatre's box office.

    "A documentary thriller. Superb." - Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly

    "Recognition for cinematographers in general is long overdue. When it comes to Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond, it's clear that the American New Wave of the late 1960s and early '70s wouldn't have flowered as it did without them." - Leonard Maltin

    "This was the most powerful and important film experience of my life. Klaudia Kovacs' work in tracking down all those marvelous witnesses and selecting the most illuminating and combustible quotes was unprecedented in documentary film-making." - Barry Farber, Talk Radio Network

    "A definitive account. The most comprehensive chronicle of the Hungarian uprising yet caught on film. The film never bogs down. A lively piece of history, put together with a good deal of technical skill as well as unmistakable passion." - Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

    "Easily the best documentary film on the 1956 Hungarian revolution." - Istvan Deak, Seth Low Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University

    "A quality production satisfying the highest expectations and demands. It chains you to your seat and helps us understand what freedom truly means." - Leslie Eloed, American Hungarian Journal

    "One of the Most Important Cultural Events" - Magyar Nemzet

    Last modified on 17-02-2009