INPUT screenings

    INPUT 2009 (May 10-15) is screening a selection of outstanding documentaries from previous INPUT conferences.

    The following films are being presented:

    In Satmar Custody, dir. Nitzan Gilady, Israel 2003

    Poor Jewish families living in Yemen are urged to emigrate to the USA instead of going to Israel. Yahia and Lauzy Jaradich give in to the persuasion. When their daughter falls into a coma and dies in America, Lauza is accused of murdering her. The director, tracing the story of the family's fate, attempts to unravel the ever more tangled story...
    These ultra orthodox Jews, who live in America and refer to themselves as "Satmar," are barely recognizable in their own country. The are a closed and practically unknown society. However, outside of Israel, they represent an active anti-Zionist movement.

    Dream Land, dir. Laila Pakalnina, Latvia 2004

    A documentary presented at INPUT 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan.
    There are places about which we do not want to know. Places that we wish didn't exist. One of those places is a garbage dump.

    Terpsichore's Captives II, dir. Efim Reznikov, Russia 2006

    A documentary presented at INPUT 2007 in Lugano, Switzerland
    "A person with whom you can ignite the fire of creativity. And there is freedom in that creation, but freedom is first and foremost what I will be aiming for." So the main character in the film Terpsichore's Captives describes Bill T Jones. But is the Russian ballerina ready for freedom? Is the concept of freedom the same for her as it is for her American coach? Will the creative fire really burn between two people who are so very different?

    Please Vote for Me, dir, Weijun Chen, China 2007

    A documentary realized as part of an international co-production titled "Why Democracy?" The film was presented at INPUT 2008 in Johannesburg.
    For the first time a Chinese school holds an election for class president. Chinese students, teachers, three candidates and their parents get a chance to taste democracy.

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