The ScriptBase European Spec Script Competition begins

    Upload your script to ScriptBase and win 1,000 euro!

    Get that great script out of your drawer, dust it off and make some money with it. We might even help you sell it finally!

    We know how hard it is to sell your screen stories. We'll try to make it easier. If it is as good as you feel it is, convince your peers of the fact and get some cash too while you are at it.

    It's easy as pie - just upload your feature screenplay and get people to read and vote for it.

    • The top voted screenplay at the closing of the competition will receive one thousand euro cash.
    • Two runners up will receive complimentary script consulting.
    • All three winning scripts can get into the Premium Section of Scriptbase, thus getting an opportunity to land on the desk of producers, directors and other film industry decision makers.

    The competition opens on 15 June and closes at midnight 30th September 2009.