Aristoteles Workshop invites you to apply!

    AW is a documentary film workshop at its fifth edition, open to creative documentary filmmakers, DPs, editors and producers from Central and Eastern Europe. The programm is co-financed by the french-german channel ARTE.

    We are looking for young people with talent, passion, commitment, a voice of their own, and, above all, the ability to collaborate. Our courses are designed for young filmmakers with previous film and/or video experience.

    Aristoteles Workshop is scheduled to take place during 5 weeks between 1th of August and 5th September in Romania.

    During this five-week thorough television workshop, the students, divided in 6 groups, will be guided through each and every step of the documentary production. While the emphasis will mainly be on content, the workshop will also cover the latest High Definition TV technologies and techniques. Professional training that encourages the independent spirit, innovation, and creative risk-taking is provided by the most preeminent leaders in the field, who will help the participants translate their own ideas into fresh, ground breaking documentaries.

    The workshop is structured as follows:

    Stage 1 - Training

    Narrative style & strategies. Director's perspective of development.

    Camera, light, sound. Visual approach, planning & production schedule.

    Stage 2 - Production

    Treatment, research & scouting, shooting. Shoot adequate footage, taking into consideration that

    researching and planing are part of the documentary editing process.

    Stage 3 - Editing

    Shaping the documentary in the cutting room. Creative content and visual treatment.

    Coaching activity during and after the completion of the rough cut.

    Stage 4 - Finish Line

    Output to tape. Final evaluation.

    The proposed module is a 30 minutes film, documentary in style, but open to fiction elements in any way they choose. We will assist you in promoting and distributing the films and thus the students will benefit thrice: learning, doing and getting exposure.

    AWA will provide accommodations, production and post production equipment and facilities.

    The application deadline: May 31, 2010

    It is required an application form with photo, curriculum vitae, sample of work in English, letter of recommendation and motivation, and fluency in English. You can download the form from www.aworkshop.org.

    This package should be sent to : ARTE Relations Internationales 8, Rue Marceau 92785 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9, France

    For further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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