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    Europa Distribution

    Europa Distribution is the voice of independent distributors.

    Since its foundation in 2006, the body has become one of the fastest growing trade organisations in the film industry, now representing 80 distributors in 22 countries.

    The body acts as a think tank, a lobbying organisation and an essential network for members.

    At its own forward-thinking conferences, and at key events and festivals around Europe, it has become an important and constructive voice in the debate about the future of the independent film industry. The annual conference at Estoril in Portugal, for example, has given a lead to European debates on digital change.

    And it has demonstrated a willingness to embrace innovation with new dynamic services.

    This year's launch of Cidinet, an online database, embodies the Europa Distribution mission. It is a practical means of sharing marketing materials and data on European releases that represents a valuable resource for the whole industry. (See http://www.cidinet.eu/)

    The service currently includes information about 1,140 films, with 528 distributors and 168 sales agents registered.

    The same sense of future need has inspired a leading role in the European Digital Cinema Library (EDCL), which is building an online archive of film for the D-cinema age.

    Europa Distribution represents members who are in a unique position to drive such initiatives, sitting squarely between industry and cinemagoer, not as "middle-men" but as the essential bridge for great film to reach audiences.

    This sense of perspective, coupled with rich experience and know-how, has also made the body a valued partner to other industry events.

    Europa Distribution has established partnerships with the Locarno International Film Festival, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the Paris Project at the Paris Cinema Festival and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

    These partnerships, and services such as Cidinet, are supported by the European MEDIA programme.

    Europa Distribution at Cannes

    It is through the willingness of the knowledgeable and passionate Europa Distribution members to take risks that cinemagoers will be given the chance to see many of this year's festival films.

    Presidents of honour, two-time Palme D'Or winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, say they see the body as essential to the circulation of world-class film. Indeed, all of their films have been released through Europa Distribution members.

    The organisation is able to represent the views of independent distribution in discussions about this year's festival and the wider issues for the independent film industry.

    It will be participating in the European Audiovisual Observatory's Digital Cinema Tango! conference on May 16, represented by digital expert Christine Eloy. The body is also partnering with Kodak to promote the festival's Camera D'Or, linking the best cinematic art with distribution.

    Cannes contacts

    Europa Distribution will be represented at Cannes by co presidents Regine Vial (Les Films du Losange) and Antonio Medici (Bim distribuzione).

    Contact Isabelle Obadia: (mobile) + 33 6 11 31 12 12

    To see a full list of members, go to www.europa-distribution.org/members.php