LONDON - 10 JUNE 2010
    Power to the Pixel has selected 34 participants from 14 European countries, including award-winning producers, writers, funders and filmmakers, for its groundbreaking cross-media course, The Pixel Lab.

    The lab will run from 4-10 July 2010 in the Welsh capital Cardiff, culminating in Power to the Pixel's Cross-Media Forum from 12-14 October 2010 in London.

    The Pixel Lab is focused on developing sustainable business models for companies working with cross-media stories - stories which extend across film, television, online, gaming, publishing, live events and mobile platforms.

    The initiative is supported by the Media Programme of the European Union, UK media skills and training body Skillset, TorinoFilmLab, Creative Business Wales, Skillset Academi+ and ARTE. The strategic partners are CIRIC and EAVE.

    Participants include Ilann Girard (France), the producer of Oscar-winning March of the Penguins; Dan Lawson (UK), Head of Production, Development and Inward Investment Screen WM; Despina Mouzaki (Greece), Director Thessaloniki Film Festival and award-winning filmmakers Nichola Bruce (UK), I Could Read The Sky and Anna Reeves (France), Oyster Farmer.

    The Pixel Lab's tutors include world-class film and cross-media pioneers such as Jeff Gomez (USA), CEO Starlight Runner; Christy Dena (Australia), Director Universe Creation 101; Michel Reilhac (France), Executive Director ARTE France Cinéma; Mel Exon (UK), Managing Partner BBH Labs.

    The full list of producer participants with projects is:

    Rob Alexander, Perfect Motion with The Bow Project (UK)
    Jan Bednarz, Buzz Films with Turf: The Road to Paris (UK)
    Emilie Blézat, Sciapode Films with Fleurs du Mal (FRANCE)
    Helena Bulaja, Alt F4 - Bulaja Studios with Mechanical Figures_Inspired by Tesla (CROATIA)
    Peggy Desplats, Cassiopée Films with Midnights (FRANCE)
    Benjamin Faivre, Telfrance Série with La Scénarioze - 142 euros (FRANCE)
    Gabriel Festoc, Yunkunkun Productions with Clandestino (FRANCE)
    Marc Guidoni, Fondivina Films with Kinopanorama (FRANCE)
    Patric Jean, Black Moon with Miracles (BELGIUM)
    Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten with Krev?! (SWEDEN)
    Paulina Tervo, WriteThisDown with Awra Amba - Virtual Village (FINLAND)
    Jeremy Pouilloux, La Générale de Production with L'OEIL AMÉRICAIN (FRANCE)
    Lena Thiele, with Farewell Comrades! Interactive (GERMANY)
    Arabella Page-Croft, Black Moon with Outpost: Black Sun (UK)
    Justine Potter, Savvy Productions with The Cupid Concept (UK)
    Krishna Stott, Visit Sheerport - Bellyfeel with The Alexander Wilson Project (UK)
    Tom Murphy, Streamline with Quest (UK)

    The full list of participants without projects is:

    Stephane Adamiak, Transmedia Project & Partnership Manager, France Telecom/Orange (FRANCE)
    Diogo Andrade, Filmmaker (PORTUGAL)
    Nichola Bruce, Filmmaker (UK)
    Ian Fenton, Writer/Director Lynchpin Productions (UK)
    Andrea Garello, Scriptwriter (ITALY)
    Caroline Gerdolle, Writer/Development Producer (FRANCE)
    Ilann Girard, Producer & Consultant, Arsam International (FRANCE)
    Pati Keilwerth, Creative Producer & Consultant, Patisserie Film (GERMANY)
    Sabine Lange, Director Multi-Media ARTE (GERMANY)
    Dan Lawson, Head of Production, Development & Inward Investment Screen WM (UK)
    David McKenna, Executive Producer Cross-Media & Arts, RTE (IRELAND)
    Despina Mouzaki, Producer and Director, Thessaloniki Film Festival (GREECE)
    Stavros Papageorghiou, Documentary Producer/Director, Tetraktys Films (CYPRUS)
    Anna Reeves, Freelance Writer/Director (FRANCE)
    Simon Staffans, Format Developer, Media City (FINLAND)
    Mira Staleva, Head of Co-production Market, Sofia Film Festival (BULGARIA)
    Petra Strban, Production Manager (SLOVENIA)

    Liz Rosenthal, Founder of Power to the Pixel said: "Power to the Pixel is excited to be working with some of the most innovative European talent, helping to develop new ways of telling stories, engaging audiences and creating sustainable businesses in an on-demand cross-media world. Thanks to the generous support of the MEDIA Programme and our other partners Skillset, TorinoFilmLab, Welsh Assembly Government, Skillset Academi+ and ARTE, Power to the Pixel is able to bring together the world's leading experts to help develop essential new skills needed by producers and industry professionals to move forward in a digital world."

    Costas Daskalakis, Head of MEDIA programme unit at EACEA said: "We are happy to support The Pixel Lab as part of MEDIA programme's strategy to help the European industry and professionals seize the opportunities offered by new media, to provide new content and connect with the audience, and are happy to see a wide variety of participants from across the EU."

    Neil Peplow, Head of Film Skillset said: "The Pixel Lab provides an immersive, practical opportunity for filmmakers to learn from some of the most exciting cross-media innovators from around the world. As many traditional business models are no longer relevant, the Lab will support participants to improve their understanding of the international cross-media market, and identify and develop innovative new models."

    Savina Neirotti Director TorinoFilmLab said: "We look forward to this first great opportunity for working in team to make these projects develop and finally happen!"

    Sue Jeffries, Skillset Academi+ said: "Skillset Academi+ is proud to support Power to the Pixel, and will be pleased to welcome such a high calibre of course to the Welsh capital city."

    Michel Reilhac Executive Director, Arte France Cinéma said: ""We are currently faced with the rare challenge of shaping a new artform in storytelling. I do not think there was one of this magnitude since the invention of cinema... or television maybe... But now is the time to build the grammar and vocabulary of transmedia stories, explore the economics of it, create new ways of financing projects, invent innovative ways of interfacing with an audience, broaden our view of how imagination is taking a bigger part in our modern societies, what deeper needs interactive storytelling really addresses... How often in a lifetime does that happen - to have the opportunity to actually be a part of a major social and artistic shift? The Pixel Lab is going to be a milestone, the first of its kind, in this process. It is going to be an essential event in stating where we are in a transmedia world, what to do and how to do it, and where we are headed to. I can't wait for it to start...!"