5th edition of ScripTeast -Upcoming Application Deadlines!

    If you are experienced scriptwriter from Central and Eastern Europe and you have ready script - do not forget to apply for ScripTeast before July 30th!

    ScripTeast is one of the best and most effective training program for experienced scriptwriters in Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) Out of 3 editions 7 films had already been produced!

    The aim of the program is to select the best scripts and their authors from the region, and help them become renowned worldwide. ScripTeast does not teach how to write a script. It is meant to enhance the best written scripts' competitiveness. ScripTeast train the best to be better. The program is also designed to aid in projects' promotion, in cooperation with the network of ACE producers as well as cooperation with Producers Network.

    Selected scriptwriters work with the Creative Advisors, the world acclaimed directors, authors and producers, to name just a few: Andrew Birkin (author of scripts of "Name of the Rose", "Perfume. A story of a Murder", "The Messanger: The Story of Joan d'Arc"), Peter Webber (director of Oscar-nominated "Girl with a Pearl Earring"), Cedomir Kolar (producer of Oscar-winning "No Man's Land"), Monte Hellman (producer of Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs"), Lynda Myles (producer of films by Alan Parker and Stephen Frears), Marc Caro (director of ie: "Delicatessen"), Licia Eminenti (script expert, working for Media Fund, Eurimages and Arte, sales agent in Gemini Films), Robert Jones (producer of ie: "Unusual Suspects" and "Gosford Park"), George Sluizer (director of ie: " THE VANISHING ", "UTZ"), Roman Paul (producer of ie: "Waltz with Bashir", "Paradise Now").

    The 5th edition of ScripTeast will start in September 2010 with the stationary session in Poland, where the scriptwriters will have one-to-one meeting with Creative Advisors. There are two other stationary sessions - one during Berlinale and another one during Cannes Film Festival. Between stationary sessions there are on-line sessions. At the end of the last session during Cannes Film Festival the international Advisory Board (ie: Sandy Lieberson, Antonio Saura, Manfred Schmidt) select the winning script whose author will receive Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award and 10.000 €.

    Scriptwriters are obliged to send their scripts translated into English as it's the working language of the program.
    Applicants must present a credit of at least one produced theatrical feature film or present a credit of at least one produced television feature film or tv series or have extensive experience as a writer, journalist or director.

    ScripTeast 2010/2011 draft schedule:

    ØApplication process - closes on 30th of July, 2010

    ØStationary Lab, Sept/Oct 2010
    one-to-one meetings with Creative Advisors

    ØOctober - December 2010
    On-line session
    ØBerlinale (February 2011)
    evaluation session with Heads of Studies

    ØFebruray - April 2011
    On-line session

    ØCannes Film Festival (May 2011)
    final session, including meetings with international producers, sales agents, disributors, film funds managers, and presentation of the Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award

    ScripTeast was created at the initiative of Dariusz Jablonski, director and producer, the president of Independent Film Foundation (Poland), developed on the basis of the experience in co-operation with the Robert Redford Sundance Institute, as a part of Central European Screenwriters Lab.

    ScripTeast is organized by Independent Film Foundation, with the support of Media Programme of the European Union, National Center for Culture in Poland, Polish Film Institute, Apple Film Production, in co-operation with the European Film Academy, Producers Network, ACE - Atelier du Cinema European, e-Talenta, Final Draft and festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Karlovy Vary.

    More information: www.scripteast.eu, phone: +48 22 851 84 40