We were wondering if you had a chance to see CZECH PEACE, new documentary from the directors of CZECH DREAM, one of the most successful European documentaries of all times? If not, we would love you to have the screener. The directors Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda are still in Karlovy Vary. If you would like to meet them, have a chat, or just pick up a screener, please contact Filip Remunda on 00420 603 180 312 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If that's not convenient for you, drop us a line, and we'll send the screener to your office.

    Here's some info about the film...

    In 2004 Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda gave us CZECH DREAM, the unforgettable documentary about the hoax hypermarket, which satirized our consumerist desires and our willingness to be manipulated. The film proved to be a massive hit, both with the critics and with the cinema and TV audiences the world over. Michael Moore called the film 'exhilarating' recognizing its visionary quality, Morgan Spurlock declared - the film was 'genius' - and decided to set up his own DVD label featuring CZECH DREAM as its very first title. CZECH DREAM went on to become one of the most successful European documentaries of all times. Today, Taskovski Films are very proud to announce the arrival of CZECH PEACE, the hotly anticipated follow up to CZECH DREAM.

    Revolving around the divisive plans to build a US missile defense base on Czech territory,CZECH PEACE is a chronicle of history in the making, as it features both, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. With the directors' trademark wit, intelligence, and the razor sharp taste for absurdest humour, CZECH PEACE is an indictment of modern Western democracies told through the story of Mayor of Trokavec village (population 80) who decides to take the US on and stop the construction of the radar base. Featuring the statesmen, lobbyists, peace activists, and ordinary folk, the film cleverly shows the workings of global geopolitics and the way they affect the little people.

    Following the screenings at Karlovy Vary, the film will have its international premiere in the States, on the 30th July at Traverse City Film Festival, run by Michael Moore, who continues to show great enthusiasm for Klusak's and Remunda's work. It seems fitting that such political and subversive film should start its international festival life there.

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