Special Czech Program at Pusan IFF 2010

    Prague, September 17, 2010 - Czech Film Center will be presenting a special Czech program at the 15th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) to be held at Busan, Rep. of Korea from October 7-15, 2010, Asia's biggest film event. Six new Czech films will be screened at PIFF under the heading "Czech Films Now: Cinema of Liberalism." Czech Film Center will also be on hand for the parallel Asian Film Market (October 10-15, 2010) as a participant in the European Film Promotion booth.

    The feature films Kawasaki's Rose (Jan Hřebejk, CZ 2009, 99 min), An Earthly

    Paradise for the Eyes (Irena Pavlásková, CZ 2009, 113 min), Dreamers (Jitka Rudolfová, CZ 2009, 97 min), Three Seasons in Hell (Tomáš Mašín, CZ, DE, SK 2009, 110 min) and Walking Too Fast (Radim Špaček, CZ 2010, 146 min), as well as a documentary, Katka (Helena Třeštíková, CZ 2009, 90 min), will all be presented in the special Czech program "Czech Film Now: Cinema of Liberalism." Directors Ms. Jitka Rudolfová and Ms. Irena Pavlásková will present their movies in person.

    "We've been working with the Pusan International Film Festival for several years. In the past, we have always had at least one Czech film in the program (in 2006, Marta, in 2008, Night Owls and René, in 2009, the co-productions Foxes and Broken Promise). The Korean audience is accustomed to Czech films and I'm thrilled to be able to offer six new films. We are very honoured that two Czech directors are taking part at PIFF with Czech Film Center covering the Czech filmmakers' expenses, and the Czech films comprise part of the European film presentation headed by European Film Promotion. Bothe women directors will be available at PIFF not only at their film screenings and discussions with audiences, but also for photos and interviews with journalists, as well as at the EFP cocktail party.

    In support of the Czech section at Pusan IFF this year, CFC and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Seoul will be holding a Czech reception on Monday, October 11, where we will be presenting Czech movies to international film festival representatives and film sellers and distributors. Considering the accompanying film market, the Pusan Festival is a great place to enter the Asian market," says Markéta Šantrochová of CFC.
    „With 70,000 Koreans visited the Czech Republic annually, the Czech culture - classical music, musicals, literature and also film - is already well-known to Korean public," says Czech Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Jaroslav Olša, jr. „With an aim to broaden this knowledge, and on this special occasion I will personally take part at PIFF," adds ambassador.

    Czech Film Center will also be on hand at this year's Asian Film Market, held in conjunction with the festival in Busan for the fifth year running. "Considering the accompanying film market, PIFF is a great place to enter the Asian market," says Markéta Šantrochová of Czech Film Center. The Czech Film Center booth will offer film professionals information on contemporary Czech film and the country's film industry, distribute Czech Film Center publications, as well as disseminate information on the new film industry incentive program.

    Additionally, the film market is accompanied by a film location fair, BIFCOM (October 9-11, 2010), which is a great platform for promoting the Czech Republic's film industry.

    Detailed program of Czech films attached.

    For more information, contact Markéta Šantrochová, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
    mobile: +420 724 329 948.