FNE Visegrad Prix Regulations

    2010 Regulations

    The Film New Europe Visgrad Prix recognizes the feature and documentary films of the Central European region, promotes mutual cultural understanding and promotes professional co-operations international co-productions.

     In the competition entries are selected by the programme committee of participating film festivals from among those films in its main programme and sections of the festival's official program. The entries must be coproductions produced in a Visegrad country that were completed after 1 January 2009.

    Coproductions in which a Visegrad country is a minority coproducer also qualify to compete for the Prix. In selecting entries priority will be given to coproductions between one of the four Visegrad countries and another European country. Domestic coproductions can also qualify to compete if there are less than 5 multi-country coproductions in the participating festival selection. In the case of documentaries where there is no official corporate structure of coproduction but there is a significant element of cross-border talent from Visegrad and foreign partners the film will be considered to be a coproduction for the purposes of the Prix.

    Once selected to compete for the FNE Visegrad Prix all films in the selection will be treated equally by the jury and will be evaluated according to the decision of the jury.

    The prix will be awarded to one feature film at one participating festival and one documentary film at a different participating festival each year.

    The festival programme committee will select between 5 and 8 films for the competition. The main jury of the participating festival will decide the will decide the winning film.

    The winning films will be shown at other participating festivals later that same year or the following year provided there are no restrictions on copyright or other prohibitions that would prevent such screenings.

    The Prix and the festival do not pay copyright fee for presenting the films.

    In 2010 the amount of the Prix will 1000 Euros for best documentary coproduction and 1000 Euros for best feature coproduction.

    The Prix will be presented at the participating festival. The members of the jury must sign a document confirming that they have awarded the FNE Visegrad Prix to the winning film.

    The winning films will be promoted on FNE and on the Film Europe TV Channels.

    Value of the combined promotion is 8 000 Euros.

    Participating festivals 2010: Cinepecs (Hungary), Era New Horizons (Poland), Bratislava IFF (Slovakia) Jihlava (Czech Republic)

    Feature presenting festival 2010: Cinepecs

    Documentary presenting festival 2010: Bratislava IFF

    The presentation will be rotated annually between participating festivals. Non-presenting festivals will provide publicity support for the Prix and where possible screen the winning films within limitations of copyright and other possible logistical prohibitions.

    Last modified on 16-11-2010