November 26th - December 2nd, 2010

    The countdown for the "1st Malatya International Film Festival, which is organized by the Governership of Malatya, and will meet the audience with the latest examples of the world cinema and a rich program, is started.

    With its rich program, cinema seminars, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions, the festival will meet the audience between November 26th and December 2nd, for the first time.


    With its thousands of years of history, Malatya, which hosts the oldest palace and the oldest king's tomb of the world, will now be the host of an international film festival.

    Malatya, whose name has become one with the apricot fruit - 70% of the worldwide production is made within the borders of this city - will also be mentioned with the film festival from now on.

    Malatya International Film Festival, which is realized by the Governorship of Malatya and the Foundation of Research, Development and Promotion of Apricot of Malatya, will open its curtains and greet the people of Malatya on November 26th, Friday.

    The movies, which were screened at the leading festivals all around the world and appreciated by both the audience and the critics, will make the people of Malatya live a week, filled with cinema. This exhausting, but joyous festival week will end on with the award ceremony, on December 2nd, Thursday.


    MIFF will greet the cinema lovers with a 1963 production, "Badem Sekeri / The Sugar Almonds", which is written and directed by Osman F. Seden. With famous actresses Turkan Soray and Fatma Girik, and famous actor Fikret Hakan, the movie is in fact a star parade.

    In this movie of Osman F. Seden, who has a great contribution to Turkish Cinema with numerous movies, lots of experinced actors and actresses like Efkan Efekan, Öztürk Serengil, Hulusi Kentmen, Ahmet Tarık, Suzan Avcı ve Vahi Öz takes part. The film, where some of the actors' name are used as the names of the characters they played, tells the story of a vendetta between two families.

    The Sultan and the Manly Fato of Turkish Cinema acts in a movie together for the first time...

    Turkan Soray and Fatma Girik acted in a movie, which is ‘Badem Sekeri / The Sugar Almonds', together for the first time. The movie, which was shot in 1963, will be screened at the opening ceremony of the festival after all these years, with the appearences of its leading actor and leading actresses at the opening ceremony as our guests.

    Turkan Soray and Fatma Girik, the leading actresses, and Fikret Hakan, the leading actor of the film will attend the opening ceremony. The actor and actresses, who will honor the opening ceremony, will meet the people of Malatya and the cinema lovers on November 26th.


    The Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Turkish Republic, the Promotion Fund of the Prime Ministry of Turkish Republic, Provincial Administration of Tourism and Culture, İnönü University, Special Provincial Administration Malatya, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malatya give a great support for Malatya International Film Festival. Istanbul Organization, who has made a name by carrying out the Bursa Silk Road Film Festival for four years, carries out the program and the organization of the festival.


    The members of the Advisory Committee of Malatya International Festival, who have given a great support to the whole process of the festival - such as planning the festival program and side events, determination of the owners of the Honorary awards and the jury members of the competitions -, are Ali Sonmez, film critic and member of the Film Critics Association (SIYAD) Alin Tasciyan, actors Izzet Gunay and Kenan Isik, director Muzaffer Hicdurmaz and actress Nehir Erdogan.


    While our aim is to have the students of Malatya Inonu University - approximately 20.000 students - watch the movies and have the people of Malatya and neighbouring cities meet the film festival, the prices of the movie tickets have been arranged as reasonable, symbolic prices.

    The ticket prices of the screening of feature movies at 4 halls of Avsar Movie Theatres and Yesil Movie Theatres (2 halls for each), located inside Malatya Park Shopping Center are determined as 2 TL (Turkish Liras) for students and 3 TL (Turkish Liras) for adults, which are the cheapest ticket prices in Turkey, that have ever seen.

    The screenings of the short films of National Short Film Competition and EFA (European Film Academy) selection for non-competitive short film section "Short Matters!" and documentaries, which will be held at the main hall of Turgut Ozal Congress and Culture Center, located inside the campus of Malatya Inonu University, and meticulously selected, dubbed children movies, which will be held at Avsar Movie Theatres, every morning at 10:00 am during the festival, will be free of charge.


    The cinema lovers will watch the films of the first of the Malatya International Film Festival, at the favorite movie theatres of the town. With the screenings at 5 different movie theatres, for 6 days and 5 sessions a day, over 100 domestic and foreign movies will meet the cinema lovers of Malatya.

    The screenings will be held at 10.00 am, 12.00 pm, 02.30 pm, 05.00 pm and 08.30 pm during the whole festival week.


    During the festival, over 100 movies, consist of feature films, short films and documentaries will meet the cinema lovers in Malatya.

    There will be over 100 movies, both foreign and domestic, which includes a selection of new feature films that were secreened at respected film festivals all arround the world and appreciated by the audience, short films and documentaries, screened in Malatya Film Festival, under various categories.

    People of Malatya will discover new worlds and get a chance to watch the latest movies of world respected directors, such as Woody Allen, Sofia Coppola, Ken Loach, Abbas Kiarostami, Werner Herzog, through the festival program, which is meticulously prepared with a full respect to the 7th art.

    Most of the screenings will be held with the participation of the directors and actors/actresses of the movies. Cinema lovers will be able to have a conversation with the directors and the actors/actresses of the movies after the screenings and get the answers to the questions in their minds.

    On the first year of the festival, Malatya will host approximately 300 guests, including actors, actresses, directors, producers, writers and journalists, for 7 days. The guests will meet the cinema lovers in Malatya, through the workshops, ceminars, panel discussions and exhibitions.

    While the latest movies of skillfull directors of the world cinema will be screened under "Sabah Panorama" section, the other sections of the festival are as follows: "Award Winning Documentaries", "Five Faces of Japanese Cinema and Tokyo", "In Memory of Kemal Sunal", "The Fall of Leaves", "Premiers", "I Saw, I Heard, I Know", "Apricot Jr." (for kids) and "Out of Competition: 'Short Matters!' from EFA".


    As from its first year, MIFF will give "Honorary Awards" to the cinema professionals who have won the hearts of the Turkish audience with their movies.

    Smiling faces of the Turkish Cinema, experienced actress Aysen Gruda and actor Erol Gunaydin, who have sometimes made us crying, sometimes made us laughing, but all the time left us confused, will be the first artists who will receive the "Honorary Award" of the first of the MIFF.

    The artists will honor the festival with their participations and take their awards on November 26th, at the Opening Ceremony. And they will probably meet with their fans from Malatya for the first time.


    While the latest examples of the cinema will be screened in Malatya by MIFF, with the respect we feel for the Turkis Cinema, one of the most popular and beloved feature films of Kemal Sunal, "Tosun Pasha", which is directed by Kartal Tibet, will be screened with its restored 35mm version within the festival program. After the screening the restored copy, for which we are grateful to the Vipsas Studios, who have carried out the restoration process, using a special technique, will be delivered to the National Cinema Archive.


    Even though lots of comedy films are appreciated as some of the "best movies", watched by millions of people and won their hearts, they are not appreciated enough when it comes to the festival awards. In our country, the cast and crew of comedy films have get awards rarely, like its examples all around the world.

    But this "bad" fate is changing, because only the cast and crew of the comedy films will be awarded in Malatya International Film Festival. And furthermore, there will be two seperate competitions, including both feature film and short film competitions.


    As from its first year, Malatya International Film Festival includes an International Feature Film Competition section, where domestic and foreign movies with comedy theme and its sub themes, such as black comedy, will compete.

    10 movies will compete for "Crystal Appricot Award" in the International Feature Film Competition. The pre-selection of the applicants has been made by Advisory Committee and Festival Program Committee. The films, which passed the pre-selection will be evaluated by the Main Jury, which is consist of respected cinema professionals, such as directors, scriptwriters, actors/actresses, producers, cinema critics, cinema historians and academicians.

    The movies, that are approved, will compete for "Crystal Appricot Award" on "Best Motion Picture", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best Leading Actress" and "Best Leading Actor" categories. The award winning films will be announced on December 2nd, 2010, at the Award Ceremony of the Festival.

    The Main Jury of International Feature Film Competition

    The Main Jury of International Feature Film Competition consists of Turkish director Huseyin Karabey, Executive Director of American Cinema Foundation Gary McVey, Greek actress Katerina Moutsatsou, President of FIPRESCI Jean Roy and Japanese producer Hisami Kuroiwa.

    Also jury of Cinema Critics Association (SIYAD), which consists of Senem Aytac, Murat Ersahin and Ceylan Ozgun Ozcelik will give away "SIYAD Best Motion Picture Award".

    NETPAC will give an award, too!

    Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC), whose central office is in Singapore, who has 29 members all around the world, organizes activities to promote Asian cinema cultur and embodied cinema critics, producers, festival organizers, program curators and distributors, will give away an award in the first year of the Malatya International Film Festival.

    NETPAC, who is an authority on Asian cinema, has been preparing Asian films selection for international film festivals for 20 years. Nevertheless, this year NETPAC jury will only evaluate the "comedy" films in the International Feature Film Competition and give away an award. But beginning next year, NETPAC will prepare the Asian films selection of the festival.

    The competition categories and awards are as listed below:

    Best Motion Picture 10.000 Euro and Crystal Apricot Award

    Best Director 3.000 Euro and Crystal Apricot Award

    Best Screenplay 3.000 Euro and Crystal Apricot Award

    Best Leading Actress 3.000 Euro and Crystal Apricot Award

    Best Leading Actor 3.000 Euro and Crystal Apricot Award

    Special Jury Award Crystal Apricot Award

    SIYAD Award (Best Motion Picture) Plaque

    Kemal Sunal People's Choice Award Plaque

    NETPAC Award Plaque

    The Movies That Will Compete For "Crystal Apricot"

    10 movies will compete for "Crystal Apricot Award" in International Feature Film Competition. The pre-selection has been made by Advisory Committee and Festival Program Committee from total 50 applicants.

    The feature films of skillfull directors from different countries, are as listed below:

    • Balls / Baba / Farsan / Josef Fares / Sweden

    • Music On Hold / Bekleme Muzigi / Musica En Espera / Hernán A. Golfrid / Argentina

    • Dances with the Jackals / Cakallarla Dans / Murat Seker / Turkey

    • The Invisible Woman / Gorunmez Kadin / Le Femme Invisible / Agathe Teyssier / France

    • Untitled / Isimsiz / Jonathan Parker / USA

    • Holy Water / Kutsal Su / Tom Reeve / UK

    • Optical Illusions / Optik Yanilmalar / Illusiones Opticas / Cristián Jiménez / Chile

    • Plato's Academy / Plato'nun Akademisi / Akadimia Platonos / Fillipos Tsitos / Greece

    • The Friend Zone / Sevgili(m) Arkadasim / Pagafantas / Borja Cobeaga / Spain

    • Simon Konianski / Micha Wald / Belgium


    Support From Turkish Telekom to Short Film Directors!

    Beside the International Feature Film Competition, 12 short films and animations with comedy or its sub themes will compete under National Short Film Competition section. The competition will support and award the high quality productions and create an opportunity for young filmmakers to be known in the national area.

    12 short films, selected by the preliminary jury, will compete for four seperate awards and will be evaluated by the main jury, which is consist of 5 cinema professionals, under "Best Motion Picture" category.

    The award winning short film's director will have the "Crystal Apricot Award" and 3.000 TRY, by the supports of Turkish Telekom. The award winning film will be announcen on December 2nd, 2010, at the Award Ceremony of the Festival.

    The awards of National Short Film Competition are as listed below:

    Turkish Telekom Best Motion Picture Award 3.000 TL and Crystal Apricot Award

    Special Jury Award Crystal Apricot Award

    SIYAD Award (Best Motion Picture) Plaque

    Inonu University Students' Choice Plaque

    Jury Members of National Short Film Competition

    Main Jury of National Short Film Competition consist of, journalist and writer Sayim Cinar, actor and director Mehmet Esen, actress and story writer Nilufer Acikalin, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Inonu University and Member of the Executive Committee of the Festival Prof. Turan Sager and the director of short film "14", that will be screened under "Short Matters!" section, Asitha Ameresekere.

    Also, the best short film selected by jury memebers of Cinema Critics Association (SIYAD), Ceyda Asar, Cumhur Canbazoglu and Ovgu Gokce will have the SIYAD Award.

    Short films compete for "Crystal Apricot Award"!

    The application date for "National Short Film Competition", organized under Malatya International Film Festival, expired on October 15th. 60 short films with comedy and its sub themes have applied for the competition and after pre-selection 12 short films have been approved for the competition.

    12 films that have earned the right to compete in "National Short Film Competition" have been evaluated by Festival Director Ali Calisir, cinema critic and member of the Advisory Committee of the Festival Alin Tasciyan, and actress and member of the Advisory Committee of the Festival Nehir Erdoğan.

    The shorts will compete for 'Best Motion Picture Award', 'Special Jury Award', 'SIYAD Award' (Best Motion Picture) and 'The Choice of Students of Inonu University Award'. The films will be evaluated by students of the Malatya Inonu Univesity for the last award.

    The short films, which will compete under "National Short Film Competition" section, which is organized to support the short film production, to award the young directors who shot short films, and create an opportunity for young filmmakers to be known in the national area, are as listed below:

    • Oxidized Waste Of Food / Besinlerin Oksitlenmis Kalintisi / Orcin Uzun

    • An Unemployed Jinn / Issiz Kalmis Cin / Savas Baykal

    • Paper Murders / Kagittan Cinayetler / Selin Cevizli

    • Crossroad / Kavsak / Production of Workshop Group

    • A Small Truth / Kucuk Bir Hakikat / Emre Akay

    • Makkafilm / Oktay Kaya

    • The Sandwich / Sandvic / Adam Isenberg

    • The Champion / Sampiyon Besiktas / Sirin Soysal

    • Incidences / Ufak Tefek Olaylar / Yusuf Emirdar

    • The Usak Thing / Usak Hesabi / Yusuf Emirdar

    • Inanition / Zafiyet / Dilan Sari

    • The Adventures Of Time-Man / Za-man'in Maceralari / Eren Aybars Arpacik



    With the colloboration of newspaper Sabah, Malatya International Film Festival, will screen the latest movies of experienced directors, whose works are followed by cinema lovers, and the latest movies of young skilled directors, that are screened in international film festivals and appreciated by both audience and critics. The movies that will be screened under "Sabah" Panorama section, which is sponsored by Sabah Newspaper, are as listed below:

    • Route Irish /Tehlikeli Yol / Ken Loach / UK, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium

    • Somewhere / Baska Bir Yerde / Sofia Coppola / USA

    • My Son My Son What Have Ye Done / Benim Guzel Oglum, Ne Yaptın Sen? / Werner Herzog / USA, Germany

    • A Certified Copy / Asli Gibidir / Abbas Kiarostami / France, Italy

    • The Illusionist / Sihirbaz / Sylvain Chomet / UK, France

    • Happythankyoumoreplease / Mutluyum, Devam Et / Josh Radnor / USA

    • Cirkus Columbia / Guzel Bir Hayat Duslerken / Danis Tanoviç / Bosnia Herzegovina, France, UK, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Belgium

    • With Love .... From The Age of Reason / Aska Firsat Ver / Yann Samuell / France

    • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives / Amcam Onceki Hayatlarini Hatirliyor / Apichatpong Weerasethakul / Thailand, UK, France, Germany

    • The Tree / Agac / Julie Bertucelli / France, Australia

    • Get Low / Mezara Kadar / Aaron Schneider / USA

    • The Girl Who Played With Fire / Atese Oynayan Kiz / Daniel Alfredson / Sweden

    • You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger / Uzun Boylu Esmer / Woody Allen / USA, Spain

    • The Refuge / Yuva / François Ozon / France

    • Black Heaven / Oteki Dunya / Gilles Marchand / France, Belgium

    • Carancho / Carancho / Pablo Trapero / Argentina, Chile, France

    • I Am Love / Yasak Ask / Luca Guadagnino / Italy

    • The Concert / Paris'te Son Konser / Radu Mihailenau / France, Italy, Romania

    • The Good Heart / Iyi Yurek / Dagur Kari / Denmark, Iceland, France, Germany

    • The Secret In Their Eyes / Gozlerindeki Sir / Juan José Campanella / Argentina, Spain


    2010 is announced as Japanese year şn Turkey, so we will make the screenings of the best examples of Japanese cinema, including genres like horror, samurai, teen, anime and yakuza, under the Five Faces of Japanese Cinema section.

    • The Sky Crawlers / Gokyuzu Savascilari / Mamuro Oshii

    • Kamui / Kamui / Yoichi Sai

    • Tokyo! / Tokyo! / Joon-ho Bong, Leos Carax, Michel Gondry

    • The Incite Mill - 7 Day Death Game / Olum Carki / Hideo Nakata

    • Oppai Volleyball / Dopingli Voleybol / Eiichiro Hasumi

    • Map Of Sounds Of Tokyo / Tokyo'nun Ses Haritasi / Isabel Coixet


    Under this section, the documentaries that have been awarded in various respected international festivals, will be screened. The themes of the documentaries varies from human rights to politics, from the life of the legendary Hungarian football player Puskás to war and space travel.

    • The Real Puskas / Efsane Puskas / Tamás Almási / Hungary (Hungary Cinema Critics Best Motion Picture Award)

    • Space Tourists / Uzay Turistleri / Christian Frei / Switzerland (Sundance FF 2010 Best Director from the World Cinema Award)

    • The Oath / Yemin / Laura Poitras / USA (Sundance FF Best Picture Award)

    The Oath tells the story of Abu Jandal, the old bodyguard of Usame Bin Ladin, and Salim Hamdan, a prisoner in Guantanamo.

    • Last Train Home / Eve Donus / Lixin Fan / Canada

    (Amsterdam FF Best Feature Length Documentary Award, Whistler FF Best Fictional Documentary Award)

    • Disco & Atomic War / Disko ve Nukleer Savas / Jaak Kilmi / Estonia (Warsaw Film Festival - Best Documentary Award)

    • The Forgotten Woman / Unutulmus Kadin / Dilip Mehta / Canada (Hollywood Film Festival - 2008 Discovery Award - Best Documentary)


    Under this section of the festival, some of the restored versions of movies, legendary comedy actor Kemal Sunal has acted in, will be screened. The birth place of the actor, who deceased 10 years ago, is also Malatya.

    • Tosun Pasha / Tosun Pasa / Kartal Tibet / 1976

    • Queer World / Dutturu Dunya / Zeki Okten / 1988

    • The Foster Brothers / Sut Kardesler / Ertem Egilmez / 1976


    ‘Paper' and ‘Crossroad' meet the people of Malatya!

    The Malatya premiers of the latest examples of Turkish cinema ‘Paper' and ‘Crossroad' will be organized with the participation of the directors, actors and actresses of the movies. The first of the premiers will be Sinan Cetin's latest film ‘Paper'. Award winning "Crossroad" whose scriptwriter and director is Selim Demirdelen, will also meet the cinema lovers in Malatya.

    Paper / Kagit / Sinan Cetin

    "Which paper is more valuable than life?"

    This drama and politics themed 2010 production is written and directed by Sinan Cetin. The rich cast of the film includes Aysen Gruda, Oner Erkan, Asuman Dabak, Zafer Ergin, Zeynep Besler, Ahmet Mekin, Mazlum Cimen, Fatos Segmen, Bahar Sarak, Metin Cantimur and Ugur Bilgin. The movie is about a civil servant, who tries to execute a ridiculous law with an obsession, where a young man who decided not to surrender against a law, which is ridiculous, for the first time in his life. "How will the victims of a wrong law be protected against it?"

    Crossroad / Kavsak / Selim Demirdelen

    " When there's a crossroad in front of you, your life meant to be changed..."

    Selim Demirdelen's first feature film "Crossroad" is one of the films, whose premier will be held within the festival. The movie has taken the "Best Director", "Best Leading Actress", "Best Music" and "Best Leading Actor" awards in Adana Golden Cocoon Film Festival and "Best Supporting Actor" award in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. The main roles are shared between Dolunay Soysert, Guven Kirac, Mete Horozoglu and Umut Kurt. Other members of the cast are Sezin Akbasogullari, Cengiz Bozkurt, Ayla Aslancan, Basay Okay, Yucel Erten.

    The story of the film, whose script is also written by Selim Demirdelen, starts on a day, where the lives of a father and his daughter severely changed. Guven works as a chief in an accountant company, he has a happy marriage and a daughter, who he loves more than anything. On an ordinary day, when he comes home from work, he finds noone inside...


    The movies of Turkish directors Halit Refig, Zeki Okten, Yilmaz Duru and Ahmet Ulucay, "The Swindle" of the great director of the French cinema Claude Chabrol and "Sweet Smell of Success" of American actor Tony Curtis, who we've lost all within this year, will be screened under this title.

    • Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds / Karpuz Kabugundan Gemiler Yapmak / Ahmet Ulucay / Turkey / 2004

    • Madame / Hanim / Halit Refig / Turkey / 1988

    • My Rose / Gulum / Zeki Okten / Turkey / 2003

    • My Love My Sorrow / Bir Ask Masali / Yılmaz Duru / Turkey / 1966

    • The Swindle / Hirsiz ve Ciragi / Claude Chabrol / France, Sweden / 1995

    • Sweet Smell Of Success / Basarinin Tatli Kokusu / Alexander MacKendrick / USA / 1957


    For the visually handicapped and hearing impaired people of Malatya, films under this title will be screened with visual and audio narration. This section is held by the supports of Audio Description Organization and will be actualized every year. For the visually handicapped audience, there will be a narrator, who will describe the scenes where there's no dialogue, and for the hearing impaired, there will be subtitles describing the voices within the scenes.The movies will be projected from DVD media, due to the digital modifications, like audio descriptions and special subtitles.

    • The Ottoman Cowboys / Yahsi Bati / Omer Faruk Sorak / 2009

    • Finding Nemo / Kayip Balik Nemo / Andrew Stanton / 2003

    • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Iyi, Kotu ve Cirkin / Sergio Leone / 1966


    As from the first year, a selection of Turkish dubbed children movies and animations will be screened under the "Appricot Jr." title for the children of Malatya.

    • Planet 51 / Gezegen 51 / Jorge Blanco / 2009 / Animation

    • Ice Age 3 / Buz Devri 3: Dinozorlarin Safagi / Carlos Saldanha / 2009 / 3D Animation

    • Little Nicholas / Pitircik / Laurent Tirard / 2009 / Fiction

    • Fantastic Mr. Fox / Yaman Tilki / Wes Anderson / 2009 / Animation / Subtitled

    • Aliens In The Attic / Evimde Uzayli Var / John Schultz / 2009 / Fiction

    • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole / Baykus Efsanesi / Zack Snyder / USA, Australia / 2010 / 3D Animation


    The creation of the European Film Academy (EFA) was the initiative of a group of Europe's finest filmmakers brought together on the occasion of the first European Film Awards Ceremony held in November 1988. EFA was finally founded in 1989 as the European Cinema Society by its first president Ingmar Bergman and 40 filmmakers to advance the interests of the European film industry. Wim Wenders was elected as first chairman of the association which two years later was renamed European Film Academy.

    The European Film Academy (EFA), whose current president is French producer Yves Marmion, now unites more than 2,300 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting European film culture.

    Throughout the year, the EFA initiates and participates in a series of activities dealing with film politics as well as economic, artistic, and training aspects. The programme includes conferences, seminars and workshops, and a common goal is to build a bridge between creativity and the industry. Since its early beginnings, Berlin has been the seat of the EFA Secretariat where it is registered as a non-profit association.

    In its first year, Malatya International Film Festival, will hold the screenings of a selection of high quality short films, selected by EFA, who has a great network of professional European filmmakers.

    • Swimming Lesson / Yuzme Dersleri / Danny de Vent / Belgium / 2009

    • 14 / 14 / Asitha Ameresekere / UK / 2009

    • Tile M For Murder / Cinayetin C'si / Magnus Holmgren / Germany / 2009

    • What's Left / Geriye Ne Kaldi / David Nawrath / 2009

    • The Sufferings of Mr. Karpf - The Birthday / Mr. Karpf'in Acilari - Dogumgunu / Lola Randl / Germany / 2009

    • The Glass Trap / Camdan Kapan / Pawel Ferdek / Poland / 2009

    • Poste Restante / Sahipsiz Mektup / Marcel Kozinski / Poland / 2009

    • Between Dreams / Ruyalar Arasinda / Iris Olsson / France, Russia / 2009

    • Peter in Radioland / Peter Radyo Diyarinda / Johanna Wagner / UK / 2009

    • Renovare / Yeniden Bir Arada / Paul Negoescu / Germany, Romania / 2009

    • Sürü / The Herd / Ken Wardrop / İrlanda / 2009

    • Sinner / Günahkar / Meni Philip / Israel / 2009

    • Good Night / İyi Geceler / Valery Rosier / Belgium, France / 2009


    The most important location of the Malatya International Film Festival will be the campus of Inonu University with the side events whose target is the young people. The seminars on cinema culture, panel discussions, workshops and Flort concert, where along with the university students, young people of Malatya will join, will be free of charge and have no age limitation.

    Seminars on Cinema Culture

    Experienced cinema professionals will share their experiences and knowledges with cinema lovers in Malatya under 9 seperate titles. There's no prequisite and age limitation for this activities, which will be free of charge. But, the attendants should join the seminars regularly for the success of the events, where certificates will be given to the attendants at the end of the seminars.

    The seminars on cinema culture will be complete after five days of schedule, which includes two seminars - 2 hours duration for each - under seperate titles per each day. Where quota of the seminars is limited with 250 people, cinema lovers should apply until November 10th, 2010. Application form can be found on http://www.malatyafilmfest.com/ web site.

    The titles of the seminars are as follows: ‘Directing A Movie', ‘Art of Creating Picture', ‘Writing a Script', ‘Methodology of Acting', ‘Editing Techniques', ‘History of the Turkish Cinema', ‘Methodology of Film Analysis', ‘History of the World Cinema' ve 'Art Direction'... With the lessons under this titles, participants will learn how movies work.

    The people who will be the tutors of the cinema seminars which is one of the most remarkable activities of the festival, are the authorities in their fields. Hayk Kirakosyan, who had his education on cinema in Russia and worked in many great productions, will be the tutor of the "Art of Creating Picture" seminar. Dervis Zaim, successfull director of ‘Sommersault in a Coffin', ‘Waiting for Heaven', ‘Mud' and ‘Dot', will share his knowledge and experiences in Writing A Script" seminar. The "History of Turkish Cinema" seminar will be tutored by Ovgu Gokce, who makes researches on cinema, works as an instructor, writes books and shots short films.

    Umit Unal, the director of ‘9', ‘Ara', ‘The Shadowless', ‘Kaptan Feza' ve ‘Voice', will be the tutor of the ‘Directing a Movie' seminar. Novelist and cinema critic Mehmet Acar will be the tutor of "Methodology of Film Analysis" seminar. Cinema writer Senem Aytac, who has made researches on history of the cinema in both in this country and foreign countries, will be the tutor of the "History of the World Cinema" seminar. "Art Direction" seminar will be tutored by Mustafa Ziya Ulkenciler, who worked in many productions for television and cinema. Cicek Kahraman, who has edited many award winning movies, will be the tutor of "Editing Techniques" seminar. The experienced actor of Turkish cinema Izzet Gunay and one of the most remarkable young actors Sevket Coruh will be the tutors of "Methodology of Acting".

    Mehmet Turgut's Photography Workshop

    Mehmet Turgut, one of the most remarkable photography artists of the recent years, will lead a photography workshop, meet his fans and share his experiences within the festival for two days. The artist will analyse and tell the stories his own photos, the productions of his short but impressive art life and share his experiences with the audience.

    Filmmakers Alliance Short Film Workshop

    The founder and the president of Filmmaker Alliance, whose central office is in Los Angeles, American script writer and director Jacques Thelemaque will organize a short film workshop within the festival.

    In Filmmakers Alliance Short Film Workshop, which organizes short film productions all around the world and is an interactive network between short film makers, the participants will shot a script they choose.

    Acting Workshop for Television and Cinema

    Experienced and extraordinary artist Assoc. Prof. Adnan Tonel, who has acted in many important productions both in the fields of cinema and theatre, is famous with his stage direction, unique adaptations and performances. Some of the movies that Mr. Tonel has taken part as an actor are "Wrong Time Travellers", "Under Construction", "Everything's Gonna Be Great", "Big Man, Little Love" and "The Nude"...

    Adnan Tonel, who already is the Head of the Department of Performing Arts and teaches acting to the new actor/acress candidates, will lead an acting workshop, especially for tv and cinema, within the festival. He will share his knowledge and experience on silver screen and stage with the participants.

    Within the workshop, the participants will be instructed on methods of creating a character, creative dramaturgy studies and play directing. The classes will be limited to 25 participants and actualized at the conference hall of Faculty of Fine Arts of Inonu University.

    The context of the workshop will be as follows:

    • Basic acting studies

    • Expressing yourself and interacting with action, objects and other characters in front of a camera

    • Observing personality: Putting your life into a screenplay

    • Improvasation and keeping the continuity of play

    • Creating a character and actor's perception on the character

    • Understanding data on relationships between the Levels of Mind and the Body, and learning the techniques for repetition

    • Learning the difference between character and type in tv shows and cinema

    • Analysing the character or type we're acting (role empathy)

    • Continuity of reading a script and acting

    • Related body usage and improvisations

    Photo Exhibition "46" of Mehmet Turgut

    Photography artist Mehmet Turgut, who will also perform a workshop within the festival, will display his spectacular works, that were shot for "46 Magazine".

    ‘The person who I'll shot the photo of, knows what will happen to him!' says Mehmet Turgut'. The exhibition, which will include the photos of famous artists, such as Cem Yilmaz, Levent Uzumcu, Serra Yilmaz, Taylan Brothers, Haluk Bilginer, Haldun Dormen, will be inside the Malatya Park Shopping Center and will be free of charge.

    The 100th Issue Exhibition of Altyazi Magazine

    Altyazi Monthly Movie Magazine, that has published the 100th issue in November, will display a selection of most remarkable covers of the magazine. The exhibition invites the guests to a journey accross the movies and directors of the last 10 years, that had a great effect on cinema, through the covers of Altyazi. Exhibition will be displayed at Malatya Park Shopping Center, inside the foyer of the Avsar Movie Theatres and will be open untill the end of the festival.

    The Story of Altyazi: Panel Conversation on Publishing a Movie Magazine and Film Critique

    Within this panel conversation, based on the publishing adventure of Altyazi Monthly Movie Magazine, whose 100th issue was published in November, "publishing a movie magazine in Turkey", and "the current situation of cinema criticism" themes will be discussed. This panel discussion will be a guideline for the participants who want to work in the movie magazine business or become a cinema critic. The editors of the Altyazı Magazine will share their experiences with the participants within this panel discussion, which will be held at the conference hall of Faculty of Fine Arts of Malatya Inonu University.

    Spokespeople: Senem Aytac, Ovgu Gokce, Firat Yucel

    Free Flort Concert

    As a part of the Malatya International Film Festival, the amazing Turkish Pop-Rock band Flort, will meet its fans.

    The Turkish Pop-Rock band Flort, formed by Ozan Kotra, Cagatay Kehribar and Crocodile (Hakan Çaglar), will stage a live performance inside the campus of Inonu University, where they will play the songs from their own music album "Demli", which is published after a 4 years of hard work. The concert will be free of charge.

    Books on Cinema Techiques for Cinema Students

    For there are very few books on cinema techniques have been published, MIFF will publish a book on cinema techniques for the filmmakers in Turkey, to overcome this deficiency. So in its first year MIFF will introduce Jeremy Vineyard's ‘Setting Up Your Shots / Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know' to the readers. Also the biographies of the artists, who will get the "Honorary Awards" this year, will be written by cinema historian and collector Ali Can Sekmec and will be published by MIFF.

    We wish to see you at Malatya International Film Festival, where intellectual life of yours will become lively through a cinema week full of screenings, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions. Have a Great Festival Week!