Press Release: Winner of Film New Europe Visegrad Prix for Best Documentary Co-Production

    WARSAW: Film New Europe together with the International Visegrad Fund has announced the winner of the first-ever prize to for best documentary co-production from a Visegrad country. Slovak director Martina Sakova, the co-director of The Housemaid, a German Slovak documentary was awarded the Prix at the closing ceremony of the International Bratislava Film Festival (http://www.iffbratislava.sk/) on 11 November. The Prix was handed over by the Vsiegrad Fund Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Linda Kapustova Helbichova The film was directed by Anna Hoffman and the two young directors collaborated closely on the project about a young Slovak housemaid working abroad. The prize recognizes the artistic achievements of filmmakers in the Visegrad countries and encourages cultural cooperation between partners within Visegrad and partners of other EU countries.

     The prize was awarded by the Bratislava IFF documentary jury members, Massoud Bakhshi (Iran), Mieke Martens (Germany) and Marko Skop (Slovakia)

    The prize includes a cash award of 1,000 Euros sponsored by the Visegrad Fund (www.visegradfund.org), promotion of the film on Film New Europe valued at 5,000 Euros. In 2011 the prizes will be awarded in Poland and Czech Republic.

    The Housemaid is a first film for both Martina Sakova and Anna Hoffman.

    The competitive prize is organized together with the support of CinePecs International Film Festival (www.cinepecs.hu) in Hungary, International Bratislava Film Festival (www.iffbratislava.sk) in Slovakia, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (www.dokument-festival.cz) in the Czech Republic and Era New Horizons International Film Festival (http://www.enh.pl/).

    The FNE Visegrad Prix will be awarded annually to the best feature and documentary co-productions in the programme of two of the four participating festivals. The position of awarding festivals will rotate on an annual basis. The film must be a co-production and at least one of the partners must be a Visegrad country. The winning film will also be promoted on FNE and at the other participating film festivals. Film Europe will also support and promote the winning film through its network of television stations.

    Anna Franklin, General Director of Film New Europe said: "We believe that the winners of the first-ever FNE Visegrad Prix demonstrates all the best qualities of a successful international coproduction. This collaboration between European partners has promotes cultural diversity and recognizes the achievements of filmmakers in Visegrad countries."

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