ZLIN: The Dutch/German coproduction My Extraordinary Summer with Tess by Steven Wouterlood won the Best Children’s film award at the 59th Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which concluded on 1 June 2019. The award for Best Youth film went to the Canadian film Giant Little Ones directed by Keith Behrman.

KOSICE: The Latvian production company Tasse Film will be competing against itself at the 27th Art Film Fest, which takes place 14 – 22 June 2019 in the Eastern Slovakia city of Kosice.

ZLIN: The Warsaw Kids Film Festival is building the children’s film industry in Poland step by step, through training, distribution and educational activities. The newest undertaking is the Warsaw Kids Film Forum, an international coproduction forum, which is accepting applications through the end of May for its upcoming edition taking place 25 – 27 September 2019.

ZLIN: Director Tomas Polensky pitched the Czech/Latvian coproduction The Pack at the 59th Zlin IFF, during the festival’s Works-in-Progress presentation of Central European children’s films.

ZLIN: Producer Ida Weiss, director Slobodan Maksinovic and writer Sasa Erzen presented the Slovenian film in development The Beanie in the Works in Progress section at the Zlin IFF on 29 May 2019.

ZLIN: Building industry relations is on the mind of the management of the 59th Zlin IFF for Children and Youth, running through 1 June 2019.

PRAGUE: Summer with Bernard, a Slovak/German coproduction directed by Berlin-based Slovak director Martina Sakova, was one of six Central European works-in-progress pitched at the Zlin IFF, running through 1 June 2019.

ZLIN: MAUR Film's producer Martin Vandas presented the project Fritzl – A Miraculous Revolutionary Tale / Fany byla pri tom in the Works in Progress programme of the Zlin IFF on 29 May 2019.

ZLIN: Film professionals concentrating of the field of children’s films will find a four-day industry section as part of the Zlin IFF for Children and Youth, which runs 24 May – 1 June 2019.

ZLIN: Characters from the Czech TV:D programme TVMiniUni appear alongside the Czech film star Pavel Liska in The Question Thief, screening in the main competition of films for children at the Zlin IFF for Children and Youth, which opens today and runs through 1 June 2019.