FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2012: Family Film Featured

    Still from Olmo Omerzu's debut feature "A night too young" Still from Olmo Omerzu's debut feature "A night too young"

    COTTBUS: Czech producer Jiri Konecny of endorfilm (www.endorfilm.cz) teams up with FAMU (www.famu.cz) trained Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu for his second film shot in the Czech Republic, Family Film.


    The pair presented the project at Connecting Cottbus (www.connecting-cottbus.de), scheduling nine meetings with interested German partners.

    Omerzu’s debut film A Night Too Young was presented at the Berlinale Forum. The 62-minute film has distribution in 62 countries.

    His second film is a Czech/Slovenian/Slovak/Croatian/French coproduction, with potential to add more coproduction partners. Partners and funding support include MEDIA, the Slovenian Film Center  (www.film-center.si), Arsmedia (www.arsmedia.si), Studo Dim (www.dim.hr), and Slovakia’s Punkchart Films. The film is budgeted at 1.4 m EUR, with 49,500 EUR in place. The producers will be applying for funding grants over the next four months. A pre-shoot is scheduled for summer 2013, with the main shooting scheduled for October.

    Omerzu described the story of a brother and sister left on their own when their parents leave on a long journey as “an existential adventure movie.” Konecny said, “This film is quite ambitious,” but added, “This should be a distributable film.”

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