RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia has distributed 300,000 EUR to four Latvian minority coproductions originating in Italy, Estonia, and Lithuania (two projects). The projects include three feature films and one documentary.

RIGA: The International Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest ran in Riga and outside the city from 28 April to 3 May 2020. The main prize was awarded to Silent Voice directed by Reka Valerik, while the main prize of the Baltic Focus competition was awarded to Restless Memories by Latvian director Elīna Lange-Ionatamishvili.

RIGA: The 17th edition of the Latvian Film Marathon will be held online on 4 May 2021. The annual event is organised by the National Film Centre of Latvia to celebrate the date of the reinstitution of Latvia's independence in 1990. The films will be available on the platform filmas.lv in partnership with the Culture Information Systems Centre (KISC) at exact screening times starting from 11 am, adjusted to different time zones.

RIGA: Latvian actress Elza Gauja is currently in postproduction with her debut feature Keep Smiling, Mom!, which will be released by the broadcasting company TV3 Group in all three Baltic countries after its theatrical release.

RIGA: Latvian director Linda Olte is currently in production with her debut feature Sisters / Māsas, a social family drama that required a thorough research. The film is a Latvian/Italian coproduction produced by Latvia’s Deep Sea Studios and Fenixfilm.

RIGA: Latvian director Juris Poškus is currently in postproduction with his third feature film, a comedy-drama 24 HR Sunshine, produced by Madara Melberga for Fa Filma.

RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia has announced the results of its 2021 production grants for new films. The grants in the amount of 1,538,805 EUR have been distributed to 15 film projects: four full-length fiction films, eight documentaries, and three animation films, which will be produced by 11 production companies.

RIGA: Latvian director Māris Martinsons has started production on In the Land that Sings (working title) / Zeme, kas dzied. The historical drama is set in the second half of the 19th century, when the first Latvian Song Festival took place. The initial shooting period ran from 9 to 20 March in Riga and Ramava. The next shooting period is planned for January and the summer of 2022. The film is produced by Linda Krūkle for K Films.

RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia gave out the Latvian Co-financing programme grants totalling 1,158,013 EUR to six film projects originating from Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and Denmark.

RIGA: Latvian director Dace Pūce’s debut feature film The Pit / Bedre (2020), whose sales are handled by TVCO (Italy), has been sold to the German distributor Arsenal Filmverleih. The film will be distributed in Germany in 30-35 cinemas, as well as in Austria and the German speaking region of Switzerland, in the autumn of 2021.

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