LYON: European distributors from 26 countries have backed the proposals of the EU Commission for the MEDIA strand of the new Creative Europe programme, which is currently being discussed by the European Parliament.

The State of Shock by Slovenian director Andrej Košak is a multilateral coproduction between Slovenian Vertigo/Emotionfilm (, Bulgarian Art Fest (, Serbian Baš Čelik (, Bosna and Herzegovian SCCA/PRO.BA ( and Macedonian Pank Film (

VARNA : The only coproduction that participated in the feature film competition of the 31st “Golden Rose” Varna Film Festival (5-11 October 2012) Spain grabbed the “best script” award.

VARNA: Vladislav Todorov's film adaptation of his novel Zincograph, The Color of the Chameleon, produced by Peripeteia Films - Buryana Zaharieva & Vladislav Todorov ( was awarded the national “Golden Rose” Grand Prix at the 31st “Golden Rose” Varna Film Festival (5-11 October 2012).

VARNA: Director Nikolay Mutafchiev presents his debut film One More Dream in the Bulgarian National Competition of the Golden Rose Film Festival.


VARNA: The Foreigner by writer/director/actor Niki Iliev is a romantic comedy about a young man who travels to Bulgaria and falls in love with a hot tempered village girl.

VARNA:Puzzle tells a story of thirty years of romantic love of a man for the woman in his life.

Scriptwriter and director Ivo Staikov (son of eminent director Ludmil Staikov who in 1981 made the most expensive epic in the history of Bulgarian cinema Khan Asparuh) spent eight years on the script while he was working as director and assistant director for commercials, music videos, and American productions.

VARNA: Mihail Pandoursky’s Incognita, screening in the Bulgarian national competition at the Golden Rose Film Festival is a coproduction with the world famous Marinsky Theatre in St Petersburg. The film is a deeply personal interpretation of Pavel Vezhinov’s novella The Barrier marked by the director’s signature mixture of mystical themes and motifs.

VARNA: Bulgarian film critics called Migration of the Belted Bonito, written, directed and produced by Lyudmil Todorov, “one of the finest comedies of the newest Bulgarian cinema.” The film is one of 13 selected to screen in the national competition of the 2012 Golden Rose Film Festival.

SOFIA: FNE spoke with Irina Kanousheva, acting director of the Bulgarian National Film Center ( on the challenges facing the film industry in Bulgaria and how Bulgarian and EU policies on film interact in one of the EU’s newest member s