UNIC policy update 30/01/2018



    European Film Forum

    19/01: European Film Forum goes to Berlinale 2018 - European Commission

    The first European Film Forum of this year will take place alongside Berlinale on 19 February 2018 and will focus on: The future of MEDIA: connecting Europeans through films.

    Bulgarian Presidency

    16/01: Prime Minister Boyko Borisov presented the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency before the European Parliament - Bulgarian Presidency

    “There are four priorities of our Presidency – the future of Europe and young people as our main priority, the European perspective and connectivity of the Western Balkans, a secure and stable Europe and digital economy and skills for the future, which has a direct and significant importance for the entire internal market” stated Mr. Borisov.

    23/01: Three Bulgarian ministers present the Presidency priorities before the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament - Bulgarian Presidency

    Young people in the focus of the Bulgarian Presidency – three Bulgarian ministers present the Presidency priorities before the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament.

    Online Platforms

    19/01: Fact Sheet: Countering illegal hate speech online - European Commission

    The third evaluation of the Code of Conduct on countering illegal online hate speech carried out by NGOs and public bodies released last week shows that IT companies removed on average 70% of illegal hate speech notified to them.


    18/01: Citizens' Dialogue in Ljubljana with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel - European Commission 

    On 18 January 2018, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel participated in her very first Citizens' Dialogue at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ljubljana. 


    22/01: Commission launches consultation on future "Counterfeit and Piracy watch-list" - European Commission

    The aim is to identify the marketplaces outside the EU where counterfeiting, piracy or other forms of intellectual property abuse are common practice.

    Creative Europe Media

    23/01: New edition of the EU Film Contest - European Commission 

    The Commission has launched the second edition of the EU Film Contest today. Participants can test how much they know about European films for a chance to experience the Cannes Film Festival and discover the European audiovisual industry at work.


    22/01: Copyright is the fuel that allows creators to keep working - The Parliament Magazine

    Content creators face a grim reality within the digital single market, and it’s up to politicians to rectify the situation with fair copyright rules for all, says MEP Marc Joulaud.

    22/01: EU copyright reform: Parliament must stand up on behalf of consumers - The Parliament Magazine 

    Fixing the value gap without jeopardising citizens’ fundamental rights is the red line in the copyright debate, says MEP Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg.

    25/01: Collective Rights Management: Commission refers Poland to the Court of Justice and closes eight cases - European Commission

    The European Commission decided today to refer Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU for failure to notify complete transposition (partial non-transposition) of EU rules on collective management of copyright and related rights, and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use into national law.

     European Parliament

     25/01: MEPs propose reducing number of seats in EU Parliament - The Parliament Magazine 

    Parliament should shrink from 751 to 705 MEPs when the UK leaves the EU, to make room for EU-wide electoral lists, according to members of the constitutional affairs committee.

    Data protection

    24/01: Commission publishes guidance on upcoming new data protection rules - European Commission 

    The Commission has published guidance to facilitate a direct and smooth application of the new data protection rules across the EU as of 25 May. The Commission also launched a new online tool dedicated to SMEs.


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