UNIC policy update 19/02/2018



    UNIC Figures for 2017

    14/02: UNIC Update on Cinema-Going in 2017 - UNIC

    The International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), the body representing European cinema trade associations and key operators, has today released its provisional update on admissions and box office revenues across Europe for 2017.

    Digital Single Market

    12/02: "This will be a decisive year for the Digital Single Market" - Andrus Ansip Blog 

    ‘The bulk of what we have planned and proposed is now sitting on the EU's negotiating table. Now we have to get EU governments and institutions to agree. We need things to start moving on the ground so that people feel a tangible – and digital - change for the better’ stated the European Commissioner for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip.


    /02: Communications on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement - EAO Newsletter  

    On 29 November 2017, the European Commission published two notable Communications on intellectual property rights enforcement, in particular relating to Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights. The Directive provides a minimum set of measures, procedures and remedies allowing the effective civil enforcement of intellectual property rights. 


    /02: Member States referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union over collective rights management directive - EAO Newsletter 

    On 7 December 2016, the European Commission decided to refer Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Romania and Spain to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for their alleged failure to notify the complete transposition of the Collective Rights Management Directive (Directive 2014/26/EU) into their national laws.

    Creative & Cultural Sectors

    06/02: Why does the EU industrial strategy fail to mention the importance of the creative and cultural sectors? - The Parliament Magazine 

    The Commission’s proposals to stimulate EU growth and competitiveness miss the target on a number of significant issues, says MEP Pervenche Berès.



    20 February: First Trilogue on Boradcasting Regulation 
    22 February: UNIC Conference at the European Parliament
    26 February: Trilogue on Audiovisual Media Services Directive
    6-7 March: UKCA Conference: Building the Big Screen Experience 
    27-28 March: Digitising European Industry Stakeholder Forum 2018