FNE and UNIC Present EU Cinema Policy News

FNE has teamed up with the Brussels based team of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) to bring you regular updates on EU cinema policies that impact all industry professionals across Europe.

Each two weeks the UNIC team of experts will update FNE readers with a selection of information on the most important developments in cinema policy in the areas of the Digital Single Market, copyright, new research on audience development, policy meetings and events and other vital information that the leaders of the European cinema need to keep abreast of to do their jobs.

These are issues that have an impact on all of us and will determine the future direction of our industry and indeed even its survival.

UNIC policy update 23/04/2019

EU Copyright Directive

15/04: Statements on EU Copyright Directive: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy & Finland; Estonia; Germany – Council of the EU  

The objectives of this Directive were to enhance the good functioning of the internal market and to stimulate innovation, creativity, investment and production of new content, also in the digital environment. The signatories support these objectives.

15/04: EU adjusts copyright rules to the digital age – Council of the EU

The EU is amending its legal framework on copyright to make it fit-for-purpose in today's digital environment. The Council today adopted a directive that modernises existing EU copyright law to pave the way towards a true digital single market. The new rules ensure adequate protection for authors and artists, while opening up new possibilities for accessing and sharing copyright-protected content online throughout the European Union.

EU Broadcasting Directive

15/04: EU set to enhance cross-border access to online content – Council of the EU

The EU is taking steps to increase the number of TV and radio programmes available online for European consumers. The Council adopted a directive which will facilitate the licensing of copyright-protected material contained in such programmes so that they can be made available throughout the EU.

 EU Terrorist Content Regulation

17/04: Terrorist content online should be removed within one hour, says EP – European Parliament

Internet companies should remove terrorist content within one hour after receiving an order from the authorities, to combat radicalisation and contribute to public security.


16/04: CULT Activity Report 2014-2019 – CULT Committee

European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education has published its activity report for the past five years.

Creative Europe MEDIA/European Audiovisual Observatory

16/04: LUMIERE VOD: launch of the first directory of European films to increase transparency concerning the VOD markets - EAO

Launched by the European Commission with the European Audiovisual Observatory who is managing the project, this new directory of European films will help professionals, the public authorities and citizens to find information about European films and their availability on-line in video-on-demand (VOD) services throughout the European Union.

16/04: Factsheets on LUMIERE VOD: the first online directory of European films – European Commission

The European Commission launched a new Directory of European films that aims to help professionals, public authorities and citizens to find out information about European films more easily and to know about their availability online.

Horizon Europe

17/04: Statement by Commissioner Moedas on the European Parliament's vote on Horizon Europe – European Commission

The European Parliament endorsed the provisional agreement reached by the co-legislators on Horizon Europe, the EU research and innovation programme for the next budget period from 2021 to 2027.

Council of the EU

16/04: The Informal Meeting of the Ministers of Culture in Bucharest – romania2019.eu

Within the framework of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the informal meeting of the EU Ministers of Culture took place on 16 April 2019, at the Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest.


18/04: ‘InvestEU’ programme: big boost for jobs, growth and investment – European Parliament

MEPs have approved a provisional and partial deal with EU ministers on a new EU programme to support investment and access to finance during 2021-2027.


18 May: European Audiovisual Observatory event, Cannes Film Festival
19 May: Europa Cinemas conference, Cannes Film Festival 
23-26 May: EU Elections 2019
17-20 June: CineEurope 2019, Barcelona


UNIC policy update 02/04/2019

EU Copyright Directive

27/03: European Parliament approves new copyright rules for the internet – European Parliament

Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to new copyright rules which also contain safeguards on freedom of expression.

26/03: Texts adopted (provisional edition): Copyright in the Digital Single Market – European Parliament

Full text of the European Parliament legislative resolution of 26 March 2019 on the proposal for a

directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market.

27/03: Questions and Answers on issues about the digital copyright directive – European Parliament

This Q and A provides answers to some of the more regularly raised issues regarding the directive on copyright in the digital single market. 

26/03: Copyright reform: the Commission welcomes European Parliament's vote in favour of modernised rules fit for digital age – European Commission

The European Parliament voted in favour of the new Copyright Directive designed to bring tangible benefits to citizens, all creative sectors, the press, researchers, educators, and cultural heritage institutions.

Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027

28/03: Creative Europe: Parliament votes for mobility of artists and circulation of works – European Parliament

MEPs voted on Thursday to double the budget of the 2021-2027 Creative Europe programme and to enhance international circulation of works, supporting better mobility for artists. 

28/03: Cultural and creative sectors contribute to youth employment and to social cohesion, says S&D MEP Silvia Costa – S&D Group

The European Parliament backed the report drafted by S&D MEP Silvia Costa to strengthen the Creative Europe programme for the period 2021 to 2027.

EU Broadcasting Directive

28/03: More online radio and news broadcasts across borders – European Parliament

Plenary approved on Thursday the new rules facilitating online broadcasting of current affairs and radio programmes across the EU. 

28/03: Commission welcomes European Parliament's vote on new rules facilitating access to online TV and radio content across borders – European Commission

Following the European Parliament's approval of modernised copyright rules earlier this week, today the Parliament endorsed another crucial piece of legislation to make the copyright rules fit for the digital age. The Commission welcomes the positive vote for the Directive that will simplify cross-border distribution and retransmission of television and radio programmes. 

28/03: Questions and answers: Directive on television and radio programmes – European Commission

This Q and A provides answers to some of the more regularly raised issues regarding the directive on television and radio programmes.

EU Single-use Plastics Directive

27/03: Parliament seals ban on throwaway plastics by 2021 – European Parliament

Parliament approved a new law banning single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds sticks. 

27/03: Circular Economy: Commission welcomes European Parliament adoption of new rules on single–use plastics to reduce marine litter – European Commission

The European Parliament agreed on the ambitious measures proposed by the Commission to tackle marine litter coming from the 10 single-use plastic products most often found on European beaches, as well as abandoned fishing gear and oxo-degradable plastics.

Group positions & responses: EPP GroupS&D GroupECR Group

EU Elections 2019

29/03: Projections of seats of next Parliament – European Parliament

In collaboration with Kantar Public, Parliament’s Public Opinion Monitoring Unit is allocating projected seats calculated on the basis of voting intentions polls from each member state to Parliament´s currently existing political groups.

Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU 

27/03: Ensuring young people’s access to culture and supporting creativity – important priorities for the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council – Romania2019.eu

The conference placed an emphasis on the importance of encouraging young people’s creativity at European level, as a prerequisite for facilitating their insertion on the labour market, and also for enhancing social inclusion, active citizenship and civic responsibility. 

European Audiovisual Observatory

28/03: European Audiovisual Observatory announces this year’s Cannes conference! - EAO

The conference will look at how today’s European films are financed. Who are the new financial players? How does public policy channel money into film funds and financing mechanisms? How is the structure of film financing in Europe changing?


27/03: InvestEU: EU ambassadors confirm common understanding reached with Parliament – Council of the EU

EU ambassadors confirmed the common understanding reached by the Romanian Presidency and the European Parliament on InvestEU, which will bring together under one programme 14 different financial instruments currently available to support investment in the EU.


8-12 April: EUIPO Working Group meetings, Alicante

24 April (TBC): EU Terrorist Content Regulation Committee Vote (LIBE)

23-26 May: EU Elections

17-20 June: CineEurope 2019, Barcelona – Register here!

Recent Studies

EUIPO – Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods – March 2019European Audiovisual Observatory – Mapping of national rules for the promotion of European works in Europe – February 2019Göteborg Film Festival - 6th Nostradamus Report – “Relevance in a New Reality” - February 2019 Institute for Information Law (IViR) - Film Financing and the Digital Single Market: its Future, the Role of Territoriality and New Models of Financing - January 2019


UNIC policy update 15/03/2019

EU Copyright Directive

26/02: Copyright: MEPs back provisional agreement – European Parliament

The Legal Affairs Committee approved the reform of EU copyright rules provisionally agreed with EU Ministers.


07/03: Antitrust: Commission accepts commitments by Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sky on cross-border pay-TV services – European Commission

The European Commission has made commitments offered by Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sky legally binding under EU antitrust rules. These commitments address the Commission's concerns regarding certain clauses in these studios' film licensing contracts for pay-TV with Sky UK.

Circulation & Promotion of European Films

26/02: European movies on the move: ten actions for better circulation across Europe – European Commission

The Open Method of Coordination (OMC) group of experts on circulation of films has published a paper featuring good practices and recommendations to enhance the circulation of European films across the EU.

Gender Balance

08/03: Public Consultation – Gender equality in the EU – European Commission

The Commission is launching a public consultation to gather opinions from all interested groups about the current situation regarding gender equality in the EU and the priorities for the next 5 years.

07/03: Statement by the European Commission on the occasion of International Women's Day 2019 – European Commission

“Women remain underrepresented in politics. In the upcoming European elections, we would like to see more women across the EU not only voting, but standing and succeeding as candidates. The Commission also calls for more women to be represented in the highest level of all EU institutions, including as Commissioners”, states the European Commission Statement.

2019 European Elections

05/03: Party leaders to join ECR group after EU elections – The Parliament Magazine

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who leads French party Debout la France, and Thierry Baudet, who leads Dutch party Forum for Democracy, both signed declarations with ECR co-leader, Ryszard Legutko.


/03: New Audiovisual Code – EAO Newsletter  

The new law replaces an earlier Audiovisual Code from 2006 (see IRIS 2006-9/27). It brings national legislation more into line with the AVMS Directive, especially in the fields of the protection of minors, the protection of consumers (commercial communications), incitement to hatred, events of major importance, the right of reply, material scope, jurisdictional issues, non-linear audiovisual media services, and the promotion of European works.

Studies & Data

/03: EFARN Film Research Library: Studies & data from the European film agencies – EFARN


14 March: EAO Advisory Committee Meeting 
25-28 March: EU Single Use Plastics Directive - European Parliament plenary sitting
27 March: EU SatCab Directive - European Parliament plenary vote (TBC)
27 March: 28 Shades of AVMSD - A Changing and Challenging Digital Market 
27/28 March: EU Copyright Directive - European Parliament plenary vote (TBC)
8-12 April: EUIPO Working Group meetings
23-26 May: EU Elections


UNIC policy update 22/02/2019

EU Copyright Directive

13/02: Agreement reached on digital copyright rules – European Parliament

Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to a deal reached on copyright rules which also contains safeguards on freedom of expression.

13/02: EU copyright rules adjusted to the digital age – European Council

The EU is amending its copyright legal framework to make it fit-for-purpose in today's digital environment. Representatives of the Romanian presidency of the Council  reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on a draft directive that introduces changes to existing EU copyright rules as part of creating a true EU digital single market.

13/02: Digital Single Market: EU negotiators reach a breakthrough to modernise copyright rules – European Commission

The European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the Commission found a political agreement to make the copyright rules fit for digital era in Europe and bring tangible benefits to all creative sectors, the press, researchers, educators, cultural heritage institutions, and citizen.

EU Platform-to-Business Regulation

14/02: Online platforms required by law to be more transparent with EU businesses – European Parliament

EU lawmakers agreed on a set of measures to halt unfair practices in the digital market. More than a million EU enterprises trade via platforms to reach their customers.

14/02: Questions and answers – EU negotiators agree to set up new European rules to improve fairness of online platforms’ trading practices – European Commission

EU Elections 2019

18/02: First seat projections for the next European Parliament – European Parliament

Parliament released the first seat projections, based on a cross-section of national polls, for the composition of the next (9th) European Parliament.

Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU 

12/02: Romanian EU Council Presidency: Presenting a united front – The Parliament Magazine

The Romanian EU Council Presidency comes at a time of multiple challenges for Europe, writes Claudia Ţapardel.


19-20 March: EP Creative Week

25 March: EU SatCab Directive - European Parliament plenary sitting

25-28 March: EU Single Use Plastics Directive - European Parliament plenary sitting

8-12 April: EUIPO Working Group meetings


UNIC policy update 7/02/2019

EU Copyright Directive

22/01: Statement by Vice-President Ansip on copyright reform - European Commission

“This reform will bring much needed and direct advantages for teachers to improve their courses; for cultural heritage institutions to digitise their collections, for Europeans to conduct text & data mining, essential for our emerging AI capacities. All these points are largely agreed between negotiators. But not agreeing now would mean losing these fundamentally necessary copyright reforms”, stated VP Ansip.

EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive

/01: Obligations on on-demand audiovisual media services providers to financially contribute to the production of European works An analysis of European Member States' practices (Study) – VUB

The revised directive aims to strengthen European culture by requiring providers of on-demand audiovisual media services to ensure at least 30% of European works in their on-demand catalogues and a good visibility for that content.

Digital Single Market

29/01: Council and Parliament agree on new rules for contracts for the sales of goods and digital content – European Council

The Council and Parliament negotiators agreed on a package comprising a directive on contracts for the supply of digital content and services (Digital content directive - DCD), and a directive on contracts the sales of goods (Sales of goods directive - SGD). This provisional political agreement will now have to be confirmed by the two institutions.

29/01: Cross-border e-commerce: Commission welcomes agreement on proposal to facilitate sales of goods and supply of digital content and services in the EU – European Commission

Andrus Ansip, Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, and Věra Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality welcomed the agreement mentioning that: “today's agreement will boost consumers' confidence and therefore also business. Ultimately, an increased supply of both digital content and goods across Europe will bring more choice at competitive prices to consumers, and this is what the Digital Single Market is all about. We hope to see the same level of commitment from the European Parliament and the Council on two other EU priority files, namely the proposed modernised copyright rules to make them fit for the digital world and the proposed Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications”.

Digital regulation & taxation

29/01: International community makes important progress on the tax challenges of digitalisation - OECD

Countries and jurisdictions participating in the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) will step up efforts toward reaching a global solution to the growing debate over how to best tax multinational enterprises in a rapidly digitalising economy.

Recent Studies

Göteborg Film Festival - 6th Nostradamus Report – “Relevance in a New Reality” - February 2019 

Institute for Information Law (IViR) - Film Financing and the Digital Single Market: its Future, the Role of Territoriality and New Models of Financing - January 2019

EAO - The legal framework for international co-productions - January 2019 

Hadopi - The unlawful ecosystem of dematerialised cultural goods - January 2019


8 February: COREPER – Copyright Directive 

w/o 11 February: Possible Trilogue - Copyright Directive (TBC)

11 February: European Film Forum @ The Berlinale

14 February: EUIPO conference - IP in Education

20 February: European Parliament vote on Future of Creative Europe MEDIA Programme

19-20 March: EP Creative Week

25 March: EU SatCab Directive - European Parliament plenary sitting

25-28 March: EU Single Use Plastics Directive - European Parliament plenary sitting

8-12 April: EUIPO Working Group meetings


UNIC policy update 24/01/2019

EU Copyright Directive

13/01: Working Paper: Working Party on Intellectual Property (Copyright) – Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU

The working paper included compromise suggestion on Article 13 and proposal for a new Article on exclusion of software developers.

11/01: Q & A on the draft digital copyright directive – European Parliament

This Q and A provides answers to some of the issues regularly raised regarding the European Parliament’s position during the ongoing process to hammer out the digital copyright directive.

EU Broadcasting Directive

17/01: Analysis of the final compromise text with a view to agreement – Council of the EU & Council of the EU

Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL laying down rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmissions of broadcasting and retransmission of television and radio programmes.

European Audiovisual Observatory

18/01: Independent producers’ coordinator takes over European Audiovisual Observatory’s Advisory Committee Chair – EAO

The Advisory Committee of the European Audiovisual Observatory has a new Chair. Elena Lai, Secretary General of the European Coordination of Independent TV Producers (CEPI), has been elected to head up the Observatory’s Advisory Committee.

16/01: Italy takes over the Presidency of the European Audiovisual Observatory for 2019 - EAO

The Strasbourg-based Observatory, part of the Council of Europe, has been providing facts and figures on the film, television and video industries in Europe since 1992. Each January a different Observatory member country takes over the yearly rotating Presidency. In 2019 Italy took over the  the Presidency from France.

EU Film Contest

17/01: Launch of the 3rd edition of the EU Film Contest – Creative Europe MEDIA

Love European Films? Test your knowledge and join the competition! There are 10 trips to the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019 to win, travel and hotel included. This will be your chance to get a glimpse into the European audiovisual sector and meet film professionals.

Presidency of the Council of the EU

18/01: MEPs voice concern over Romanian EU Council presidency – The Parliament Magazine

Romania assumed the EU Council presidency on 1 January, the first time it has been at the helm of the EU since it joined the bloc in 2007.But its government has repeatedly faced criticism from MEPs and others about the rule of law, a crackdown on civil society and alleged civil rights abuses in the country.


11 February: European Film Forum @ The Berlinale
14 February: EUIPO conference - IP in Education
20 February: European Parliament vote on Future of Creative Europe MEDIA Programme
8-12 April: EUIPO Working Group meetings

Recent Studies

EAO - Brexit: The impact on the audiovisual sector - December 2018

EAO - YouTube and Facebook together net over 50% of the online video advertising market - December 2018


UNIC policy update 19/12/2018

EU Broadcasting Directive

13/12: Digital Single Market: EU negotiators agree to facilitate access to online TV and radio content across borders – European Commission

The negotiators of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council, have reached a political agreement on the proposed copyright legislation on TV and radio programmes.

EU Budget

12/12: EU budget 2019 approved: focus on the young, innovation and migration – European Parliament

After Council formally approved the conciliation agreement with Parliament on the 2019 budget on 7 December, Parliament approved the budget on Wednesday by 451 votes to 142, with 78 abstentions. It was then signed into law by President Antonio Tajani.

Digital Taxation

13/12: MEPs agree on new rules to tax digital companies’ revenues – European Parliament

The plenary proposed widening the scope of the directives on taxing digital businesses operating in the EU.

Copyright Enforcement

07/12: Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List – EUIPO

The European Commission has published its long-awaited Counterfeit and Piracy Watch-List.

EU Elections

07/12: European Parliament aims to reverse voter apathy with new election awareness campaign – The Parliament Magazine

The European Parliament has launched a new campaign designed to boost voter turnout in the elections next May.

Gender Balance

10/12: EU actions progress -Women in Digital – European Commission

This factsheet gives an overview of all key issues related to the trend in participation of women in the digital sector and the EU actions in progress to address them.

Recent Studies

EAO - Brexit: The impact on the audiovisual sector - December 2018

EAO - YouTube and Facebook together net over 50% of the online video advertising market - December 2018


14/15 January: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive


UNIC policy update 05/12/2018

EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)

28/11 : EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) published in official EU Journal – Official Journal of the European Union

Creativity Works!

22/11: ‘Technology is not culture’: how platforms can help shape a healthy ecosystem online – Creativity Works!

Online platforms are an integral part of today’s digital economy. They increase the speed at which information is shared and introduce consumers to a wide variety of digital goods and services. But their dominant rise casts concern about the largely unregulated role they play in disseminating creators’ content and raises questions about what steps should be taken to safeguard a fair and competitive online ecosystem. The topic was debated at an event in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Christian Ehler.

EU Copyright Directive

29/11: Authors’ Group comments ahead of the Council IP Working Group - FERA

Ahead of the IP Working Party meeting held on November 30, the Authors’ Group called attention to several aspects of the compromise solution on the proposed Copyright Directive Chapter 3 “Fair remuneration in contracts of authors and performers”, which are of critical importance to the EU creative community.


UNIC policy update 22/11/2018

EU Copyright Directive

14/11: EU Council poised to insist on mandatory upload filters – MEP Julia Reda

The closed-door trilogue efforts to finalise the EU Copyright Directive continue. The Presidency of the Council, currently held by Austria, has now circulated among the EU member state governments a new proposal for a compromise between the differing drafts currently on the table for the controversial Articles 11 and 13.


06/11: Mergers: Commission approves Disney's acquisition of parts of Fox, subject to conditions – European Commission

The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of parts of Fox by Disney, both US based global media companies. The decision is conditional on full compliance with commitments offered by Disney.

09/11: Antitrust: Commission seeks feedback on commitments offered by Disney in pay-TV investigation – European Commission

The European Commission is inviting comments from interested parties on commitments offered by Disney to address competition concerns relating to contractual clauses preventing the cross-border provision of pay-TV.

Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)

06/11: Less hate speech and more European content on video streaming services: Council adopts new EU rules – Council of the European Union

As a result of updates by the EU to its rules for audiovisual media services, traditional television and new services such as on-demand broadcasting will compete on a level playing field. Video sharing platforms will also for the first time be subject to rules ensuring that viewers, and in particular minors, will be better protected from violent or harmful content or hate speech.

EU Budget

14/11: Long-term EU budget : MEPs lay down funding priorities for post-2020 budget – European Parliament

In a vote on Wednesday, MEPs confirmed their position on the next EU long-term budget, including a precise breakdown of the amounts for each EU programme.

European Elections

08/11: Manfred Weber elected as EPP candidate for the President of the European Commission - EPP Group

The Congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) today elected  Manfred WEBER as the EPP’s candidate for President of the European Commission, ahead of the May 2019 European Parliament elections.

07/11: Progressives unite behind Frans Timmermans – S&D Group

After Frans Timmermans was endorsed as the PES Common Candidate by fellow Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič, the president of the S&D Group Udo Bullmann hosted an exchange with Frans Timmermans at the S&D Group meeting yesterday, with the participation of Maros Šefčovič and PES president Sergei Stanishev. The meeting was a clear sign that progressives are up and ready for the 2019 campaign.

Lux Film Prize

14/11: Winner of the Lux Film Prize: “This is about a woman who wants to save the world” (video) – European Parliament

Woman at War has won this year’s Lux Film Prize. In an interview, director Benedikt Erlingsson talked about climate change and the challenges it poses to democracy.


27 November: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive
27-30 November: EUIPO Working Group Meetings, Warsaw
3-4 December: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive
14 December: UNIC Paris Meeting


UNIC policy update 09/11/2018

Creative Europe MEDIA

26/10: CULT Committee draft report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Creative Europe programme (2021 to 2027) – European Parliament

EU Budget

24/10: EU Budget 2019: focus on the young, on migration and innovation – European Parliament

In their budgetary resolution, MEPs reaffirm their priorities: “sustainable growth, innovation, competitiveness, security, tackling root causes of refugees and migration flows, managing refugee and migration flows, the fight against climate change and the transition to sustainable energy, and a particular focus on young people.”

European Commission

23/10: Commission Work Programme 2019: Delivering on promises and preparing for the future – European Commission  

The European Commission presented its Work Programme for 2019, setting out three main priorities for the year ahead: reaching swift agreement on the legislative proposals already presented to deliver on its ten political priorities; adopting a limited number of new initiatives to address outstanding challenges; and presenting several initiatives with a future perspective for a Union at 27 reinforcing the foundations for a strong, united and sovereign Europe.


23/10: European Commission and European Parliament take stock of the progress made in breaking down barriers to e-commerce in the EU – European Commission

Vice-President Ansip and Commissioners Bieńkowska, Jourová and Gabriel met in Strasbourg with members of the European Parliament to take stock of the progress made in breaking down the barriers to e-commerce in the EU and discuss next opportunities and challenges.

Recent Studies

European Parliament - Research for CULT Committee – Audiovisual Sector and Brexit: the Regulatory Environment - October 2018

EAO - 12% of all films released in the EU are at least 10 years old. New study explores the volume of catalogue films in the EU in cinemas, TV and VOD - October 2018

EAO - One third of all audiovisual media services established in the EU exist as locally adapted versions - October 2018


12 November: EU DG COMP decision on Disney/Fox merger
20 November: UNIC Screening - Werk Ohne Autor, Brussels
27 November: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive
27-30 November: EUIPO Working Group Meetings, Warsaw
3-4 December: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive


UNIC policy update 26/10/2018

EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive 

18/10: Draft Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2010/13/EU on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provision of audiovisual media services (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) in view of changing market realities (first reading) – EU Council

EU Broadcasting Regulation

05/10: Updating broadcasting rules for digital; spreading and promoting European culture – Andrus Ansip Blog

“So it is not about free access, or about destroying business models for film producers or musicians. But it is about getting access to cultural content without pulling the rug out from under Europe's creative sector and culture” stated Commissioner Ansip.

Copyright Enforcement 

18/10: The owner of an internet connection used for copyright infringements through filesharing cannot be exonerated from liability simply by naming a family member who might have had access to that connection - CJEU

Directory of European Films

18/10: Digital single market: a directory of European films to facilitate on-line access – European Commission

On the occasion of the Marché international du film classique [International Classic Film Market] in Lyon, Mariya Gabriel, the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, will today present the prototype of a directory of European films, a key action of the Digital4Culture strategy which is also part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. 

Lux Film Prize

15/10: Discover the Lux Film Prize finalists in a cinema near you – European Parliament

Three films featuring three strong female characters facing difficult dilemmas: the Lux Film days are bringing them to a cinema near you. 


/10: Croatia – New law on audiovisual activities – EAO Newsletter

The Croatian Parliament has recently adopted the new Law on Audiovisual Activities (Zakon o audiovizualnim djelatnostima). This Law concerns the promotion of the production of audiovisual works. 


25 October: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive27 November: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive3-4 December: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive


UNIC policy update 09/10/2018

Digital Single Market

26/09: European digital single market – a priority of Council Presidency conference – EU2018AT

At the High Level Conference on Digital and E-Government which took place on 26 September 2018 in Vienna, ministers and high‑level expert officials had a constructive exchange on elementary e-government and digitalisation issues.

EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive 

26/09: Audiovisual media: MEPs vote on new rules fit for a digital age – European Parliament

New rules on audiovisual media aim to better protect viewers, encourage innovation and promote European content. MEPs approved them on 2 October.

Creative Europe Programme

27/09: FNE TV: MEP Silvia Costa, EU Parliament Culture & Education Committee and Rapporteur for Creative Europe 2021-2027 – Film New Europe

FNE asked Silvia Costa about the most important differences between Creative Europe 2021-2027 and the previous programme and the importance of the LUX Prix for European culture.

EU Budget

26/09: DRAFT INTERIM REPORT on the proposal for a Council regulation on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 – European Parliament

26/09: EU Budget 2019: MEPs increase funding on youth, migration and research – European Parliament

Budget MEPs increased Erasmus+ funds and restored budgets for infrastructure investments, as well as Horizon 2020, the EU research programme.

European Union Intellectual Property Office

01/10: Christian Archambeau takes over as Executive Director of EUIPO – EUIPO

Mr Christian Archambeau has now taken up his duties as Executive Director of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) after his appointment was confirmed by the European Council.

European Audiovisual Observatory

26/09: How are audiovisual media services licenced in Europe today? – European Audiovisual Observatory

European Audiovisual Observatory has published a new mapping report of the licensing systems for audiovisual media services in today’s European Union.


8-9 October: Challenging (the) Content – Content made in Europe in the digital economy - Vienna

8-11 October: NATO Fall Summit

10 October: CICI Lunch - European Parliament, Brussels

10 October: Attaché meeting - EU Copyright Directive

15 & 16 October: UNIC Cinema Days - Brussels

17 October: Attaché meeting - EU Copyright Directive

25 October: Trilogue - EU Copyright Directive