RIJEKA, Croatia – January 20, 2020– For the 4th year, the History Film Festival presented by Istra Film, will bring creators, diverse audiences, and the industry together in Rijeka, Croatia during the annual storytelling festival running September 8-12, 2020. 

    History Film Festival is a unique international festival of historical documentary films which will take place in Rijeka (Croatia) from September 8 to 12, 2020. History Film Festival aims at offering viewers and film experts an insight into contemporary film and TV production of historical documentary films, at the same time providing a place where film professionals can meet and share their creative ideas for future projects. 

    The programme of 2020 HFF consists of a competition programme and special thematic programmes (documentary hommage to Federico Fellini, Asterix's 60th birthday, masterclasses, panels, exhibitions). 

    From its first edition History Film Festival cherishes and extends its collaboration with documentary filmmakers from all over the world. All of the films showcased at History Film Festival tell history in exciting, often unusual, sometimes very intimate and visually attractive ways, but they also shed revelatory light upon the present which is exactly one of the aims of History Film Festival. These films show all the talent and passion of documentarists who always seem to find innovative and creative techniques of shaping history into exciting story. Furthermore, documentary filmmaking based on the archives and research is essential for the understanding of the past and the present, especially as an answer to the fake news era. 

    In 2020, the City of Rijeka is caring the title of the European Capital of Culture and History Film Festival which will be held from September 8-12, 2020 is going to be part of the official programme of ECoC. In 2020 we plan to showcase documentaries which confirm how history can be extremely exciting and promote diversity, tolerance, intercultural dialogue and reconciliation as a way of exceeding the past and building a better future. 

    This year the festival will be especially focused on films connected to the following subjects:

    - women as film authors or women as heroines in human history

    - migrations 

    - re-thinking totalitary regimes and politics (especially Tito)

    - Asterix

    - Federico Fellini

    Documentary films, regardless of the year of production, can be submitted on Film Freeway at the following link:  https://filmfreeway.com/HistoryFilmFestival 

    The official deadline for submissions is February 10, 2020. For all queries concerning the festival please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The 2020 Festival is set to build on the momentum from last three editions, which set the bar high. The past line-ups featured breathtaking docs like Oscar winner O.J.: Made in America, Sundance Award Winner Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World, Oscar nominee Touch of an Angel and amazing European stories such as Legacy, Hotel Jugoslavija and Aliona Van Der Horst's Love is Potatoes. 

    The Festival is curated by the programming team including Director and Head of Programming Bernardin Modrić, producers Tiha Modrić and Dejan Bojc, and a team of professional associates.

    EDITORS NOTE: Images from History Film Festival can be found here for any photo or social needs: http://historyfilmfestival.com/en/media-2019/