On the 15 th of February ended the deadline for submitting films to the anniversary 60 th Krakow Film Festival.

The selectors, under the guidance of the director of the Festival, Krzysztof Gierat, will have to face the breakneck process of selecting the best, both from among almost 2500 submitted titles, as well as those that we managed to invite to Krakow straight from the prestigious festivals around the world.

By mid-April, the team of selectors, consisting of about 20 outstanding critics, film theorists and filmmakers, will select titles which will be presented in four competitions of equal rank — three international ones: documentary film competition, short film competition, music documentary film competition DocFilmMusic and Polish film competition. Fascinating stories from all over the world will also go to the special film sections.

It is not surprising that half of the films submitted from all around the world are short feature films. This trend has persisted for several years. Just like it was the case last year, almost 1300 of them were submitted. Dagmara Romanowska, film critic and the curator of the feature film section, emphasises that this year, there is a prevalence of intimate portraits of family and individuals, themes from the opposite ends of the spectrum of life – adolescence and the last years of life, illnesses, farewells. There are few views on the political and cultural turmoil of the world, although occasionally there are stories that must have arisen on the basis of the #MeToo movement, asking questions about sexuality and crossing borders.


The 60th Krakow Film Festival will take place on May 31 – June 7, 2020

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