Summer festivals are not just the events we attend to absorb art – the major part of the motivation behind visiting is meeting people and sharing our time with them. We are deprived of such liberties in the time of an epidemic and we are temporarily denied the possibility of travelling and searching for new experiences, of enjoying ourselves with friends, and consuming art first-hand, side by side with its creators.

    We acknowledge the gravity of the current situation and pay close attention to the latest reports which indicate that most probably, we would not be able to properly organise all of the elements that are crucial to every Fest Anča for July 2020 – such as the presence of special programme guests and foreign animators whose films made it into the official festival selection – or any other guests, probably. We could not even guarantee that you – our visitors could come and participate.

    Without some, or all, of these ingredients, Fest Anča would taste unimaginably sad.

    Therefore, we decided that 13th edition of Fest Anča will not take place on July 2 to 5, 2020, as originally planned. Instead, we postponed it to a later date on which, hopefully, we will be able to deliver an unabridged festival experience.

    The new date is: August 27 to 30. The festival stays in Žilina, Slovakia!

    From our point of view, we need to act responsibly and be realistic. We are occupied with the preparations for the festival all-year-round and changing the date is not an easy task, but we do believe, however, that protecting everyone’s health is a priority. We keep on working and organising the festival and believe that we will be able to meet our visitors, guests, partners and friends in Žilina at the end of August, which is our new date,” explained Ivana Sujová, the festival directress. “It’s clear now that after the imminent threat fades away, people will crave cultural events – and artists and culture will need all of their supporters and partners, more than ever.

    The festival’s website features answers to some of the questions visitors may have in order to help them with adjusting their plans effectively and warm them up for a nice post-pandemic rendezvous on the new date.

    Fest Anča International Animation Festival – the only Slovak multimedia festival focused on animated film – is based in a former synagogue and former train station that have been, both,  transformed into vibrant cultural centers.

    The festival aims to showcase contemporary, progressive animated films, and commemorate the cream of the genre. The long-term vision is to approximate well-known international festivals by uniquely showcasing this art form in Slovakia.

    The festival features an international competition of animated short films and music videos, as well as non-competitive screening sections. Attendees can additionally enjoy presentations, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings for children, and numerous accompanying events.

    More info at:

    photo gallery from Fest Anča 2019

    See you at Fest Anča 2020!

    Fest Anča 2020 International Animation Festival is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund. Supported using public funds by the Slovak Arts Council. The festival is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Žilina, Peter Fiabáne.

    In case you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..