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    Film bodily dimensions

    Self-approval, coming-of-age, hard choices. At the 60th Krakow Film Festival the voice of women is very distinctive; they are not afraid to talk about often difficult experiences concerning their own bodies.

    They are young, beautiful and proudly call themselves – fat. The heroines of the film “Fat Front” are not ashamed of their curves and fight for everyone’s right to accept themselves no matter how they look like and despite the opinions of people who accuse them of promoting obesity. Using social media and events they organise, they try to show others that they’re not alone in their struggle to accept their bodies. An international support group comes to life, but the positive comments are followed by a lot of hate. Under the surface of optimistic mottos and actions, we discover intimate stories from the lives of the women who were surrounded by doubt, lack of understanding and dislike since they were little kids.   


    KFF INDUSTRY: We know projects selected for the Animated in Poland pitch.

    Six Polish animations at the production stage will be presented during the Animated in Poland film pitch at the Krakow Film Festival. Filmmakers and producers will have a chance to meet film experts who will decide or advise on the future of their films. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the whole event will take place online.

    Animated in Poland is a section of the KFF Industry programme that focuses on Polish animated films. It comprises of panel discussions, presentations of projects and animation studios and individual one-on-one meetings.

    One of the most important events of this year’s edition, both for the filmmakers and the experts invited from all around the world, will be the film pitch – presentation of short Polish animations at the last stage of production. Each project will be presented by a director and/or a producer in front of an audience consisting of international specialist from the film industry: distributors, sales agents, festival programmers and film institutions representatives. Thanks to that the animations will get a real chance to appear at international festivals and film markets. Six projects will be presented during this year’s edition of Animated in Poland, among them both student films and those prepared in professional studios.


    ph. A. Fiejka

    The programme of the 60th Krakow Film Festival will be moved entirely online! Festival  starts on May 31 and will last until June 7!

    On the occasion of the jubilee, 60th edition, the passes are available at exceptional jubilee prices – for the opportunity to watch almost 200 films you will pay only PLN 60!
    Movies can be watched all over Poland. The program includes the premieres of the best documentary, short and animated films from around the world and Poland.

    The 60th Krakow Film Festival will take place on May 31 – June 7, 2020

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    Last modified on 21-05-2020