Kids Kino Industry goes online and announces its final selection of projects!

    Kids Kino Industry (formerly known as the Warsaw Kids Film Forum) is going to welcome industry representatives on 29.09–02.10 to join the extended programme performed fully online. The decision to move the event online was based on the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation as well as on talks with industry members who are mostly unwilling to travel in the following months. 

    Nevertheless, we will do our best to organise an inspiring event, provide an exchange hub, bring the right people together, and meet the industry expectations. Each year, we host more than 200 international guests and around 70 decision makers (distributors, sales agents, VOD platforms, broadcasters, film institutes). 

    The extended programme will include: a series of weekly industry webinars starting on August 24th, dedicated workshops, masterclasses, and individual consultations with script and marketing experts. As we understand the need for social events and personal contact, we also put emphasis on organising online gatherings to keep up with the creative community.

    The core of the event will be the pitching sessions and 1:1 meetings. That is why we are delighted to announce the final selection of projects to be pitched during the 4th edition of Kids Kino Industry. 

    This year, we received 66 submissions from 26 different countries. The diversity of the topics, genres, and formats was positively overwhelming. The selection process was supported by 3 international female experts: Alison Norrington (Creative Director & Founder at storycentral Ltd), Silke Wilfinger (Managing Director of SilkWayFilms), and Viola Gabrielli (Kids Kino Industry Inspiration Day Programmer and Business Relations). Eventually, after a few weeks of reading and discussing the submitted stories and materials, 26 projects were selected to be pitched at the 4th edition of Kids Kino Industry 2020. 

    Sessions during the forum are divided into two groups: Projects in Development and Works in Progress.

    Below you will find the final selection of the projects:

    Projects in development:

    • A Penguin in the Chicken House, live-action & stop motion film, Coala Filmes, Brazil
    • Flo the Seal, animated series, Animoon, Poland
    • Geno, animated film, Lira Production Studios, Georgia
    • Inside Luna, animated film, Filmallee GmbH, Germany
    • Katzenauge, feature film, Hager Moss Film GmbH, Germany (exchange project as part of partnership with Akademie für Kindermedien)
    • Kids Encyclopedia, animated series, Tritone Studio, Latvia
    • Kreuzberg Supergirls, live-action series, X Filme Creative Pool GmbH, Germany
    • La Vida Es Un Musical, documentary film, GotFat Productions, Denmark (exchange project as part of partnership with M:brane)
    • Lala – A Fairy's Heart, animated film, Mythberg Films Kft., Hungary
    • Los viajes de Kepler, animated series, Lodeiros, Spain
    • Luzie’s mad world, live-action film, Leitwolf Filmproduktion, Germany
    • Mu & Sic, animated series, Fumi Studio, Poland
    • Myshko & Dzvinka, animated series, Studio KAPI, Ukraine
    • Ninja from Manila, live-action film, vy/ac Productions, Philippines 
    • Our Town, live-action series, Tile Media & RTE, Ireland
    • Planet 7693, live-action film, Giggling Goat Production, Montenegro
    • Roy – One of A Kind, live-action film, Lucy Loves Drama Oy, Finland
    • The Spacehead, live-action film, Objectif s.r.o., Slovakia
    • Tin's Fireboots, animated series, Wizart Animation, Russia
    • Wasserratte, live-action series, StickUp Filmproduktion, Germany (exchange partnership with Akademie für Kindermedien)
    • Wonder Legends, animated series, Wonder Legends Karubin Malczyk sp. j., Poland

    Works in Progress:

    • A Butterfly’s Heart, live-action film, FRALITA FILMS, Lithuania
    • Sisters, live-action film, Fenixfilm, Latvia
    • The Gladiator, animated film, Opal Production, Romania
    • Toru Superfox, animated series, Animoon, Poland
    • Cricket & Antoinette, animated film, Diedra d.o.o., Croatia

    An additional day of the online forum will be dedicated to 12 projects developed during Kids Kino.Lab development workshops. The list of 8 feature films and 4 series is available HERE.

    Kids Kino Industry is an international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. Our goal is to create a meeting place where European professionals can exchange ideas and experiences as well as develop new content for children. We want to create a space that will help in connecting projects with potential co-producers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters, and film funds.

    The filmmakers involved in the selected projects will have the opportunity to present their work in front of the international and Polish decision makers, including distributors, sales agents, TV broadcasters, producers, investors, film institutes and funds.

    More information about the format of the event and the programme will be announced at the beginning of August.

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    Last modified on 16-07-2020