2021 Kids Kino Industry list of projects and how to take part in the forum

    35 projects – 25 projects in In Development, Work in Progress and Market Presentation, as well as, 10 projects developed within the Kids Kino Lab – script development workshop to be presented at the upcoming Kids Kino Industry, the pitching and co-production forum for feature films and series (live-action, animation and documentaries) for young audiences.

    The event will be held in Warsaw, Poland and online from 28 September to 1 October 2021. The four-day programme of Kids Kino Industry includes masterclasses, workshops, consultants’ tables, panels and many more to be announced at the beginning of September. The accreditation will be on sale from next week. 

    The list of the selected projects can be found at the end of this news.

    How to take part in Kids Kino Industry?

    This year Kids Kino Industry is being held in a hybrid formula. You can take part in all the sessions, pitchings and 1:1 meetings from your own house or join the event in Warsaw. To take part in the event, you need to go to the Accreditation page and fill in the submission form. The accreditation form will be available on our website from the 30th of August.

    Cost: 25 EUR (115 PLN).

    The accreditation provides:

    • an access to Kids Kino Industry’s digital platform
    • an access to all the prerecorded pitchings and live q&a’s with the Pitching Teams
    • an access to book meetings with Pitching Teams, Decision Makers and other Attendees of the forum
    • a full access to the whole four-day programme full of masterclasses, workshops, panels, consultants’ tables (SPECIAL: you will also have an access to a special online masterclass BUILDING THE BIBLE which will be held on Monday, 27 September)
    • an access to the e-catalogue including the sessions descriptions and all the contact information on our Pitching Teams
    • an access to all the previous KKI Talks
    • starter pack

     Kids Kino Industry pitchings line-up

    In Development

    1. “The Adventure of Fram the Polar Bear” – Duo Animation Production, animated/transmedia film, Romania
    2. “Anton Starflashman” – Heimatfilm GmbH + CO KG, live-action/animated film, Germany
    3. “Born Happy” – Atom Art, animated film, Latvia
    4. “Dad’s Red Dress” – Lunar Pictures, live-action series, Ireland
    5. “Eureka” – Becklow Films Ltd, live-action series, UK
    6. “The Fictitious Gang” – Mito Estudio Creativo, webseries, Colombia
    7. “Girls’ Stories” – Pinot Films, documentary film, Poland
    8. “Happily Never After” – Helium Film, animated series, Czech Republic
    9. “Hello Terra” – Studio Sonica, animated series, Poland
    10. “Lampo – The Dog That Rode The Trains” – K&K Selekt, live-action film, Poland
    11. “My Name Is…” – Blaue Pampelmuse, animated series, Germany
    12. “Nine Lives Left” – Wild at Heart, animated film, Greece
    13. “The Olive Bunch” – Pixel giants, animated series, Cyprus
    14. “Puppets Saving Television” – Jaka produkcija, live-action film, Croatia
    15. “Rainbow Hunters” – Lunes Animation Studio, animated series, Chile
    16. “The Talentless” – Prikaz Film, live-action film, Republic of Serbia
    17. “The Tales of Franz” – arx anima & NGF Film, animated series, Austria
    18. “The Wawies” – Imagic TV, animated series, Spain

    Work in Progress

    1. “Game of Minds” – napafilms, live-action series, Finland
    2. “Hug me. Honeyseekers” – Animoon, animated film, Poland
    3. “I Accidentally Wrote a Book” – JUNO11 Pictures Kft., live-action film, Hungary
    4. “John Vardar vs the Galaxy” – Lynx Animation Studios, animated film, Macedonia
    5. “The Websters” – Fool Moon, live-action/animated film/series, Slovakia
    6. “Welcome to Mamoko” – Pigeon, animated series, Poland

    Market Presentation

    1. “Beanie” – Senca Studio, live-action film, Slovenia

    Kids Kino Lab

    1. “Anna’s Class” – Bullet Proof Cupid, documentary series, Belgium
    2. “African room” – Paprika Studios, live-action film, Czech Republic
    3. “Childocracy” – RIVERBED, live-action series, Latvia
    4. “Cooler Squad” – Platige Image, animated series, Poland
    5. “Fantastique” – Serendipity Films, documentary film, Belgium
    6. “Ghostly” – Rodini, animated series, Belgium
    7. “The Lucks” – Letko, animated series, Poland
    8. “Midsummer night” – Domino Film, live-action film, Poland
    9. “Planet 7693” – Giggling Goat Company, live-action film, Montenegro
    10. “Wanda” – New Europe Film Sales, animated film, Poland

    More details about the projects presented at Kids Kino Industry forum will appear on the Projects page at the beginning of September as well as the four-day programme of the event and link to the accreditation form.

    Kids Kino Lab – script development workshops. The call for next edition opens this week. Check your inbox regularly not to miss call for projects.

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    Last modified on 28-08-2021