Latvian film “Troubled Minds” will have World premiere at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s First Feature Competition

    A dramedy “Troubled Minds” (dir. Raitis Abele and Lauris Abele) will have its World premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film festival, the First Feature Competition on the 20th of November. The film is selected together with other 20 debuts from the whole world.

    “Troubled Minds” is described as a psychedelic ego trip in which two modern artists venture above the arctic circle and inside the darkness of their own minds, hunting for the borders and boundaries of normality. The film is created by Abele brothers – Raitis and Lauris were co-directing, Marcis – a DOP, Raitis is also producing. Film cast includes Toms Aunins, Marcis Lacis, Daniela Vetra, Juris Zagars, Darta Danevica. Most of the film scenes were shot in the Latvian coastal town of Liepāja and in Norwegian Lapland, north of the actual Arctic Circle.

    “Let’s witness a never-ending dream of three brave, rebellious and gifted brothers. Prepare yourself for radical and controversial road trip, which must be experienced only in the cinema. Creative duo Raitis and Lauris and visionary Marcis behind the camera filmed their wounded, intoxicating, sinful, evil, sensitive world without final script and probably searched for their first feature during long months of production”, - says the festival’s annotation, written by film scout Edvinas Pukšta. According to him, this is the first film from the Baltic states, which is so daring and divisive. 

    “Troubled minds” is the second film by Abele Brothers – their directorial debut was the documentary “Baltic Tribes: Last Pagans of Europe” in 2019.  “Tritone studio”, run by Abele brothers, was doing the production. The film was financed by National film center of Latvia and Jurmala city council.