This year, TV market NEM Dubrovnik served as a platform for a presentation of new regulations in Croatian Law on Electronic Media in a special program

    Dubrovnik, June 8th 2022 - The special program New Law in Croatia, sponsored by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), Agency for Electronic Media in Croatia (AEM), and the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, became one of the most influential ones in this year’s edition of NEM Dubrovnik. Panels, presentations, and examples from practice presented and explained key aspects of the new legislation to the public.

    Croatian Minister of Culture and Media, Nina Obuljen Koržinek, opened the program: “We all recognize the importance of content produced in Europe for our diversity, and identity but also for the media industry. Electronic Media Act came into effect in October last year and introduced several changes related to the contribution of market stakeholders, local production, and development of the audiovisual sector as a whole.”

    During NEM, panelists from Europe and Croatia gave an in-depth look at the new law and highlighted how it will affect different AV organizations such as national televisions, operators, streaming services, and other audiovisual professionals in Croatia.

    Minister Obuljen Koržinek explained “the newly introduced obligation for operators to provide 10 % of annual gross revenue for works of Croatian independent producers. Media service providers on-demand, which are targeting Croatia, were introduced the obligation to contribute 2% of annual gross revenue for the implementation of the national program for the audiovisual creation and to directly invest 2% – either into production or purchase of audiovisual works of Croatian independent producers.”

    The first part of the program, Operators in Local Production, focused on the importance of local production. Decision-makers from different companies such as Movistar Plus+ International Division, Nadcon Film, yes Studios and Ampere Analysis pointed to business practices in different media markets that proved the effectiveness of investing in local production.

    Krešimir Partl, Secretary of State in Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, moderated the following panel as Danijel Pek (TV and film producer, Antitalent), Siniša Đuranović (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Procurator, Croatian Telecom), Nikola Klisović (Director of Legal Affairs and Wholesale, A1 Croatia) and Christopher Peter Marcich (CEO, Croatian Audiovisual Center) joined him on stage. Gathered experts explained how crucial it is to integrate investing in local production and audiovisual products through business strategy.

    Panel Co-production Among Players in Europe explained how new co-production models and deals between FTA's, streamers, and others are coming our way. Jonathan Broughton (Head of Strategy, EBU), Robert Franke (Vice President Drama, ZDF Studios), Nebojša Taraba (Producer and Partner, Drugi Plan), Rahela Štefanović (Editor in Chief HTV, Croatian Radiotelevision), Krisztina Gallo (Director International Television Production CEE, Sony Pictures Television International Studios) and Monika Kłosińska (Content Acquisition Director, CANAL+) debated how streamers must present their viewers about 30 percent of European content and then reinvest a certain percentage into local production. NEM's program New Law in Croatia accentuated the importance of connecting different European productions and their joint action in audiovisual activities.

    NEM Dubrovnik also brought a private networking event that gathered speakers and representatives of the most prominent operators, streamers, national televisions, and other AV professionals and institutions. During lunch at Lenga restaurant, participants exchanged contacts, shared their experiences, and discussed future collaborations, in line with changes that the new law will bring to domestic audiovisual bodies.

    The special program New Law in Croatia successfully brought together key Croatian media and TV players faced with changes and connected them with prominent foreign companies and leading media experts.

    Indispensable B2B event in the CEE region

    NEM Dubrovnik is a B2B event, every year focusing on the TV industry development in the CEE region. Regular visitors are key representatives of pay-tv channels, FTA channels, streaming services, telecom operators, and other television services providers, but also actors, producers, directors, writers, and other participants in the audiovisual industry.

    Thus far, NEM Dubrovnik was supported by more than 180 influential companies on the global and local level, some of which are Eutelsat, Deutsche Telekom, A1 Telekom Austria Group, United Group, Comcast, Irdeto, Global Agency and HBO Adria, as well as BBC Studios, ViacomCBS, All3Media International, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Fremantle, Sony Pictures Television, Pickbox, MGM, ITV Studios Global Entertainment, Viasat World, Telekom Srbija Group, ZDF, BETA Film, HRT, Nova TV, RTL Croatia, RTL Hungary and many others.

    New Europe Market

    New Europe Market (NEM) is a collective name for several events organized by the marketing and TV industry agency Mediavision. With an already traditional NEM Dubrovnik, 2019 saw the introduction of a winter edition called NEM Zagreb, dedicated to the creative side of the TV industry. During the challenging 2020, the new platform NEM Network was introduced, so that the professionals could stay connected regardless of the physical traveling restrictions.

    You can find all the information about the event and the cost of participation fees on the official NEM Dubrovnik 2022 site.