RIGA IFF SHOWCASE announces the project lineup!

    In preparation for the celebratory 10th edition of the Riga International Film festival (RIGA IFF) 14 feature film and series' projects have been selected for the RIGA IFF SHOWCASE pitching sessions.

    RIGA IFF SHOWCASE is the festival's co-production platform, intended for feature film and series' projects from the Baltics, Eastern and Central Europe as well as parts of Caucasus region. Aim of the co-production platform is to foster co-productions within countries of these regions as well as present the projects to an audience of international buyers. Kristīne Simsone, curator of RIGA IFF SHOWCASE says:

    “Our priority is to encourage co-productions within the Eastern and Central European countries as well as the Caucasus, many of whom have similar historical experiences and are currently facing comparable challenges within the industry and socially. Now, when Europe is going through turbulent times, and still under a lengthy process of cultural decolonisation, we believe that this region has a lot of valuable cinematic reflections to add to the European cultural landscape."

    RIGA IFF SHOWCASE will take place from 19 to 21 October and feature a pitching session, industry screenings, networking events as well as a panel discussion “Stories That Cross Borders: Shaping European Series Co‑Production'' organized in co-operation with the Council of Europe and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Latvia. It aims to underscore the importance of fostering a robust and effective co-production environment of the series by supporting it financially and setting a practice standard. Among participants are Jarmo Lampela, Head of Drama at YLE and seasoned producer Alise Ģelze (White Picture).

    This is the sophomore year of RIGA IFF SHOWCASE and marks the beginning of partnership with Tet, one of the largest IT innovations and media companies in the Baltics. Tet – now a strategic partner of the RIGA IFF – will provide a cash prize of 5000 EUR for the best project, determined by a jury, consisting of streamers, producers and distributors. The company will also choose a series project for co-production.

    After a record number of submissions, the festival team has selected 14 feature film and series' projects from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania and Czech Republic as well as Tajikistan.

    Pitching session participants

    Impressions (Nospiedumi) – Feature film
    Directed by Alise Zariņa 
    Produced by Alise Rogule (Mima Films), Latvia

    The Last Meal (Pēdējais mielasts) – Feature film
    Directed by Elza Gauja
    Produced by Paula Jansone (VFS Films), Latvia

    Red Code Blue (Tumšzilais evaņģēlijs) – Feature film
    Directed by Oskars Rupenheits 
    Produced by Sintija Andersone (KEF Studio), Latvia

    A Manual How To Hit Your Head Against The Wall Elegantly (Instrukcija, kaip elegantiškai daužyti galvą į sieną) – Feature film
    Directed by Jorė Janavičiūtė
    Producer: TBA, Lithuania

    Bloody Dunes (Kruvinos kopos) – Series
    Directed by Irma Pužauskaitė, Andrius Lekavičius
    Produced by Greta Akcijonaitė, Aurimas Pukevičius (Magic Film), Greta Garbo Films, Lithuania

    Hold Me Closer (Intymumas) – Feature film
    Directed by Irma Pužauskaitė
    Produced by Rūta Petronytė (Smart casual), Lithuania

    Kopli with Love – Animation
    Directed by Sander Joon
    Produced by Aurelia Aasa (AAA Creative), Estonia

    Boyarka (Боярка) – Series
    Directed and produced by Olga Gibelinda (Malanka Studios), Ukraine

    Children's War Diaries (Дитячі Щоденники Війни) – Animated documentary
    Directed by Ivan Tymchenko 
    Produced by Svitlana Soloviova, Ukraine

    Rivals (Suernytsi) – Series
    Directed by Maryna Stepanska
    Produced by Julia Sinkevych , Maryna Stepanska, Ukraine

    Habit of Silence (Звичка мовчати) – Feature film
    Directed by Vitalii Havura
    Produced by Olga Gibelinda (Malanka Studios), Ukraine

    Foreign City (Shahre Farang) – Feature film
    Directed and produced by Anisa Sabiri, Tajikistan

    Legionary Youth (Tinerețe legionară) – Animated documentary
    Directed and produced by Liviu Bărbulescu, Romania 

    Europa – Feature film
    Directed by Jan Gebert
    Produced by Radovan Síbrt (PINK), Czech Republic

    Industry screenings

    Dragoons (Dragūni)
    Directed by Reinis Ūbelis
    Produced by Reinis Ūbelis, Loreta Lazdiņa (Griffonmark), Latvia

    My Freedom (Mana brīvība)
    Directed by Ilze Kundziņa
    Produced by Aija Bērziņa (TASSE Film), Latvia

    The industry screening line up will be updated.

    To get your RIGA IFF Industry Pass, apply HERE.

    For more information head to RIGA IFF FORUM webpage forum.rigaiff.lv or reach out to RIGA IFF SHOWCASE team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.