ZagrebDox Pro 2024

    ZagrebDox Pro 2024 credit: Zagreb Dox Pro

    ZagrebDox Pro (15/04/2024 – 20/04/2024) is a five-day program that combines analysis of submitted projects, recommendations and suggestions for their further development. The program includes case studies, group and individual discussions with industry experts, master lectures, special film screenings and round tables.

    Lecturers, experts and guests of the ZagrebDox Pro program are some of the most important European authors, producers and presenters. One project, by decision of the jury, will be provided with online mentoring with a selected leading expert in the field of creation and production of documentary serial works .

    At events open to the public, participants will exchange knowledge and experience with top European, world and Croatian experts in the field of documentary production, distribution and promotion, with a special focus on documentary serial works . Directors and producers can participate in the workshop.

    Documentary serial works from all over the world and in various stages of production development and finalization can be submitted to ZagrebDox Pro . Projects from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, which thematically deal with the region and/or projects seeking a co-producer from one of these countries, have priority in the selection.

    Rules of ZagrebDox Pro are available here .

    Interested candidates for the workshop apply by filling out and sending the application form .



    The deadline for applications to ZagrebDox Pro is February 15, 2024.

    Participation in ZagrebDox Pro is free .

    Up to 8 projects will be selected for participation. Exceptionally, the organizer can decide to choose more than 8 projects.



    Participants who come to the workshop from abroad can apply for a scholarship from ZagrebDox Pro, which subsidizes accommodation costs during the workshop. The organizer decides on the number of scholarships and the amount of subsidies.


    rule book // invitation // applications // pro @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.