Hungarian Film Week to open with The History of Aviation

    The new short of European Film Academy Award-winning director Bálint Kenyeres, The History of Aviation has been selected to open the 40th Hungarian Film Week on January 29 in Budapest.

    Starring Marie Mure, Andreas Leupold, Júlia Nyakó, Mari Nagy and László Babarczy, the 1905 period piece is about an upper middle class family having an afternoon picnic on the Normandy shores.

    Responsible for the visual effects was Paris and Los Angeles based BUF Compagnie, which also worked on The Dark Knight, the Matrix Trilogy, Panic Room, Fight Club and regularly contributes to the works of Michel Gondry, Luc Besson, David Fincher, David Lynch, Sam Raimi, Wong Kar Wai and Oliver Stone.

    The History of Aviation is a co-production of France's Bizibi, Hungarian Café Film and Travissss Film and Duna Workshop.

    Bálint Kenyeres' previous short Before Dawn (2007) premiered in Cannes, was honoured at Sundance and won the European Film Academy's Best Short among other prizes and invitations to more than 140 festivals worldwide.


    The History of Aviation (A repülés története / L'histoire de l'aviation)

    2009, 35mm, colour, anamorphic, 1:2.35, 15'

    Normandy, 1905. The picnic is over; the upper middle class party prepares to go home. They are waiting for just one last photograph, but someone is still missing from the group...

    Director: Bálint Kenyeres

    Producer: Emmanuel Agneray, Tamás Hutlassa, Bálint Kenyeres

    Co-producer: György Durst

    Screenplay: Bálint Kenyeres, Tamás Beregi

    DoP: Mátyás Erdély

    Sound designer: Tamás Zányi

    Cast: Eszter Adorján, László Babarczy, János Kalmár, Kálmán Kovács, Andreas Leupold, Caroline Matthieu, Juliana Mrvova, Marie Mure, Dénes Nagy, Mari Nagy, Júlia Nyakó

    Produced by Bizibi (Fr), Café Film (Hu), Travissss Film (Hu)

    Last modified on 29-01-2009